01/15/15 9:00am
The Tijuana burger platter at Duffy's Deli in Jamesport. (Credit: Grant Parpan)

The Tijuana burger platter at Duffy’s Deli in Jamesport. (Credit: Grant Parpan)

When I lived in Los Angeles, my friends would often speak of their wild overnight trips across the border to Tijuana.

The stories were filled with impulsive thrills and youthful adventure. They always intimidated me.

I was reminded of this the first time I ever noticed the Tijuana burger — our featured menu item in this week’s edition of “What’s for Lunch?”—on the sandwich board at Duffy’s Deli in Jamesport.  (more…)

10/03/13 12:30pm
north fork burger search founders tavern southold

Photo by Cyndi Murray

Located in Southold, Founders Tavern has all the makings of traditional American eatery: wings, fried shrimp, pulled pork sandwiches and awarding-winning craft beers.  It is also the only place on the North Fork where you can get a Tavern Burger. (more…)

08/06/13 12:00pm
grass fed beef burger garden of eve organic farm and market

Photo by Cyndi Murray

When you think of a farm stand, corn, tomatoes, berries and other fresh produce typically come to mind. But Garden of Eve Organic Farm & Market in Riverhead is not your typical farm stand. In addition to organic produce, the roadside farm stand is also home to a market that serves a 100% grass-fed beef burger. (more…)

08/01/13 10:00am
super duper burger o'mally's

Photo by Grant Parpan | The Super Duper Burger at O’Mally’s in Southold.

I’m a pretty light eater. When I go out to eat and the waitress takes the table’s order, I’m usually the one who bashfully mumbles, “Hmm, I think I’m just gonna go with the small house salad.” (more…)