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super duper burger o'mally's

Photo by Grant Parpan | The Super Duper Burger at O’Mally’s.

o'mally's super duper burger

I’m a pretty light eater. When I go out to eat and the waitress takes the table’s order, I’m usually the one who bashfully mumbles, “Hmm, I think I’m just gonna go with the small house salad.”

So when I found out that my assignment was not only to order but also to finish O’Mally’s gigantic Super Duper Burger — a $75 double burger featuring extra cheese and french fries — I was pretty nervous. I immediately wrote my editor and asked if I could bring my sister, Erica, who was born with a bottomless pit for a stomach, along for help. He allowed her to join me, and he came along to watch.

I was still pretty intimidated when our waitress dropped my plate on the table. The colossal twin burger with lettuce, tomatoes, onions, extra cheese and a pair of buns, stood more than 9-inches high. I barely had to lean forward to eat it.

I had skipped breakfast in preparation for the assignment, so, with my empty stomach growling in anticipation, we took a few quick photos of the monster and then dug into the first of the two burgers voraciously.

Even as I moved on to the second half of my Super Duper Burger, the rest of the table had only made a dent in their normal-sized burgers. I not only managed to finish the entire 9-inch burger with only five helping bites from my sister, but I also still had room for fries.

The restaurant is not the first for O’Mally’s owner, Phil Manino. He’s owned over 20 restaurants and saloons in his lifetime, a number of which have been located out here on the East End. He opened O’Mally’s on Route 48 in Southold more than a dozen years ago.

O'Mally's owner phil manino
Photo by Michael Gambardella | Phil Manino, owner of O’Mally’s in Southold.

“I wanted to get back into the saloon business,” he said. “I didn’t want a restaurant, so we kept it light.

“We started out with a $2.95 burger when we opened up. Then we eventually added steak, salad and fish to the menu, but over time it has continued to expand,” says Mr. Manino.

Today, the menu features 40 different burgers, all of which are listed on the O’Mally’s website.

The menu states that the $75 price of the Super Duper Burger is negotiable. When I asked Mr. Manino how much he’d be willing to drop the price, he said he’d only charge $25.

“We killed last night, so we can afford to drop the price,” he said. “If it’s a slow night we’ll charge the full $75.”

Though I doubt anyone ever really pays $75 for the burger, it’s a fun menu feature from a restaurant that also has one small table in a cramped corner, dubbed “The Worst Seat in the House,” where you always get 10 percent off your bill.


O'Malley's worst table in the house
Photo by Cyndi Murray | The “worst table in the house” at O’Malley’s comes with a 10% discount.