07/22/19 6:00am

Trenette al Nero con Granchio from Barba Bianca. (Credit: David Benthal)

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The Dish: Trenette al Nero con Granchio

Chef Frank DeCarlo

Barba Bianca, Greenport


Chef DeCarlo’s Trenette al Nero con Granchio, which literally translates to Black Trenette with Crab, is a true North Fork summer dish as blue crabs are plentiful in the Peconic Bay this time of year.   


The components balance perfectly with the brininess and umami from the squid ink, the sweetness of the crab meat, and the acidity of the tomatoes.  The first step in creating the dish is making the pasta. Black ink from the squid’s ink sac is added to semola flour, double 00 flour, and eggs. The crabs are then sautéed with garlic, white wine, tomato and garnished with flat parsley.


Visually, DeCarlo’s dish was inspired by crabs on the beach in a mass of black seaweed. As Barba Bianca focuses on traditional seaside recipes from Italy, spaghetti con granchio is a classic dish from the Italian coastal city, Venice.

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