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Cheeseburger steak

I like cheeseburgers. I like steak. So when I see something on a menu that says cheeseburger steak, I’m going to order it. 

So what is a cheeseburger steak? At Cliff’s restaurants it’s a 12 oz. chopped meat patty shaped like a steak and smothered in cheese. It’s served minus the bread, lettuce and tomato you might get with your typical burger. You can order it marinated or unmarinated (if you want to be weird).

Like all the steaks Cliff’s restaurants are known for, the cheeseburger steak is served chargrilled. With fries it costs $12.95 and is worth every penny.

The cheeseburger steak is served for lunch or dinner at Cliff’s Elbow Room in Jamesport, Cliff’s Rendezvous in Riverhead and Cliff’s Elbow Too in Laurel.

Here are some of the other North Fork burgers we’ve tried in the past year. What are some burgers you’d like to see us try in the coming months? Email us.


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