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O'Malley's Alien Burger

Photo by Cyndi Murray | O’Malley’s Alien Burger.

O'Malley's Alien Burger

The North Fork Burger Search went looking for unique burgers and found… a hot dog?

When you ask a local northforker where to get a burger on the North Fork, they will likely point you straight to O’Mally’s in Southold. And when you walk into the warm, dimly lit eatery you will likely be greeted, and ushered to your tabled, with a friendly smile belonging to longtime owner Phil Mannino.

The restaurant has a lot of treasures—a jukebox, a telephone booth and even its iconic moose head on the wall.  But don’t let their classic décor fool you; their menu is far from traditional.

Mannino is always trying to keep customers on their toes from nightly trivia  to one-of-a-kind menu items. Case in point: the “Alien Burger.”

The Alien Burger is made with two Sabrett-brand hot dogs, steamed in Stella Artois beer, topped with sauerkraut, relish and Dijon mustard, and served with steak fries.

“Thirty years ago all we had on the menu were hamburgers and we wanted a hot dog on there, too,” Mannino said. “We called it the Alien Burger because, well, it’s strange.”

Three decades later it’s proven to be a hit. But the Alien Burger has some delicious competition, with more than 30 burgers on the menu to choose from.

After all, O’Mally’s offers a pizza burger, a buffalo burger, a veggie burger, a bun-less burger, and an “Appleknocker Burger” (think apple slices on your cheddar cheeseburger instead of tomato slices). I could go on, but you can check out the full burger menu here.

What you really should know about is O’Mally’s $75 “Super Duper Burger.” It’s more than a burger, it’s two, and it’s about 9-inches high, topped with melted Swiss and American cheese, lettuce, tomato and onion. This enormous burger is such a handful it’s served with a skewer. For those who dare, Mannino says the price is negotiable. Check back next week when North Fork Burger Search aims to finish one—we just need to work up an appetite.

For an easy discount on your meal, you can sit at the, admittedly, “worst seat in the house.” Having a seat at the two-top positioned next to an exit guarantees you 10% off your meal.  That table actually has a sign above it noting so.

O’Mally’s, located on Route 48 in Southold, is open seven days a week from 4:30 p.m. to midnight.


O'Malley's worst table in the house
Photo by Cyndi Murray | The “worst table in the house” at O’Mally’s comes with a 10% discount.