09/15/18 6:00am

Pumpkins at Krupski Farms in Peconic. (Credit: Krysten Massa)

It’s that time again.

Pumpkin-everything season is back for 2018. That means pumpkin spice lattes from Hampton Coffee Company, Leaf Pile beer from Greenport Harbor Brewing Co., and best of all, North Fork pumpkins are ready to be picked.

Here is a handy guide on where to find them.


09/12/18 6:10am

Fall is arguably the best time of the year on the North Fork. There is an abundance of ways to welcome the season hallmarked by crisp air, colorful foliage and, yes, pumpkin spice.

Here are five fall and harvest-themed festivals to get you ready for autumn. (And as a bonus we threw in a South Fork winery option, as well.) (more…)

09/07/18 6:05am

Stepping onto a dock, it’s easy to overlook the carefully laid wood under foot. For many, a dock is simply something you walk on to board a boat for an afternoon on the water.

Ian Crowley sees it differently, though. He’s worked in the North Fork dockbuilding industry since he was 18 and founded his own company, Crowley Marine Contracting, more than two decades ago.  (more…)