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Make a Dark and Stormy this Independence Day. (Credit: Sheri Clarry)

What’s up Joaquin?

A party, that’s what’s up! Instead of freaking out about the impending doom Joaquin might or might not inflict, it might ease your fears to throw a hurricane party.

To make it a hit, I suggest you have lots of candles, flashlights and most importantly, ice for making drinks in case you don’t have your generator hooked up and lose power.

And to really knock it out of the park, you should know how to make a proper Dark and Stormy, compliments of my good friends Jay and Laurie.


2 ounces Dark Rum

3 ounces Ginger Beer

½ Ounce Lime Juice

Mix together with ice and pour.

Now, those are the basics, but these are key; you must use Goslings Dark Rum and Regatta Ginger Beer.

Make sure you squeeze in each lime really well and most importantly, keep all limes in a glass so you know how many you’ve had by the end of the night.

Please stay safe everyone and last but certainly not least, enjoy the time indoors with your family and friends.