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Fuji apples at Breeze Hill Farms.

Nothing says it’s fall louder than apple cider and doughnts. I never thought I would find better ones than at Tice farms, located in Woodcliff Lake, N.J., which was a major part of my childhood (sigh.)

I’ve been on a mission to find a replacement since I moved to the East End and my search is finally over! They’re the best of the best in both categories apple cider and doughnuts — Breeze Hill Farm & Preserve in Peconic, N.Y.

Hands down. Yes, just, yes!

General manager Scott DuBois explains how they make their amazing cider and Breeze Hill’s Corey Fuerderer, AKA, “The Duchess of Donuts” teaches me how to make these delicious treats.

I had such a blast!

After watching the video below and you will find yourself there tomorrow.



Breeze Hill Farm and Preserve
31215 County Route 48
Peconic NY