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The tenth burger on our North Fork Burger Search comes from Outerbanks in Riverhead. 

When I order a burger from a restaurant and it says it comes with lettuce, tomato and an onion on top, the first thing I usually do is pick the onion off and place it to the side. I just don’t need a raw red onion dominating my burger.

If the onion is diced and sautéed then I’ll usually keep it on.

But if it comes with two big onion rings on top, I’m eating it without hesitation.

The onion rings and the ciabatta bread with cheese melted on top sets the classic cheeseburger at Outerbanks apart from other “classic cheeseburgers.”

Located at the Indian Island golf course, Outerbanks is a good stopping off point for someone looking to wash down a round of golf with a beer and a burger.

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