08/26/16 9:32am
Riding the carousel at Mitchell Park. Credit: Randee Daddona, file)

Riding the carousel at Mitchell Park. Credit: Randee Daddona, file)

It happened: Amid the chaos of childrearing, you somehow found yourself with a day free from errands, sports practices, birthday parties and other obligations. Now, however, you’re left wondering how to keep your family — not to mention yourself — entertained.

Northforker Kids has you covered. Plan your next day trip in the area by checking out the following boredom-busting suggestions. Whether your children are toddlers or tweens, these ideas are sure to keep them smiling. You’ll have fun, too!  READ

08/26/16 6:00am
The Fork and Anchor crispy chicken sandwich. (Credit: Vera Chinese)

The Fork and Anchor crispy chicken sandwich. (Credit: Vera Chinese)

Earlier this week, I dropped by East Marion’s Fork and Anchor, which is hands down one of my favorite stops for grab-and-go sandwiches.

As usual, I opted for an email receipt. The proof of purchase was detailed: crispy chicken with Sriracha mayo on sourdough with lettuce, tomato and American cheese.

Our executive editor, Grant Parpan, who has been forwarded all my emails since before I embarked on 12 weeks of maternity leave in May (and who also happens to be my husband), received the receipt, too. His response consisted of just one word:

“UGH.” (more…)

08/26/16 5:59am
Passengers ride on the 1964-1965 LIRR Pavillion World's Fair train. (Credit: Katharine Schroeder)

Passengers ride on the 1964-1965 LIRR Pavillion World’s Fair train at the Riverhead Railroad Festival. (Credit: Katharine Schroeder)

Looking for something to do on the North Fork this weekend? Northforker has you covered.

Here are five events to check out this weekend. As always, visit northforker.com/events for additional ideas.


08/25/16 6:05am
Paddle boarding instructor Evelyn O'Doherty gives the group some pointers during the Tuesdnay night community meet-up. (Credit: Krsten Massa)

Paddle boarding instructor Evelyn O’Doherty gives the group some pointers during the Tuesday night community meet-up. (Credit: Krysten Massa)

If the North Fork stand-up paddle boarding community could be considered a tribe, then Chris Dowling is its chief.

Dowling, who along with his wife, Blake, owns One Love Beach surf shop on Main Street in Greenport, started a weekly community meet-up in 2013 for enthusiasts and as a way to introduce beginners to the sport.

If you’re not familiar with this water sport, stand-up paddle boarding, or SUP, is a sort cross between surfing and kayaking. Participants stand on a sturdy board and use a long oar to steer through the water.

So while the waves off the South Shore might beckon surfers to the beaches of Montauk, the mirror-like flat water of Peconic Bay on a calm day is better suited for paddlers (the same can be said for Long Island Sound in favorable conditions.) (more…)

08/25/16 6:03am
The new Wickham-Prince Bed & Breakfast features two rooms on Youngs Avenue in Southold. To the right: The Wickham, the larger of the two guest rooms. The smaller room is known as The Prince. Bottom right: Owner and innkeeper Susan Looze. (Credit: Katharine Schroeder)

The new Wickham-Prince Bed & Breakfast in Southold. (Credit: Katharine Schroeder)

Just steps from Southold’s business district sits a pale green 19th-century Victorian house that has been lovingly restored and is now open for business as a bed and breakfast.

Owners Susan and Doug Looze bought the property last year and now operate it as the Wickham-Prince Bed & Breakfast. The couple, originally from Amherst, Mass., wanted to open the business as a source of income for their later years. A stay at a B&B in Calistoga, Calif., in the Napa Valley — along with the North Fork’s proximity to Susan’s family in Hampton Bays — solidified their decision.

“We’ve stayed in bed and breakfasts before,” said Looze, a physical therapist. “We enjoy them. They seem more homey than going to a hotel.” (more…)