01/20/18 5:50am

There are those outliers who genuinely love winter, but for most of us, it’s a nuisance and we can’t wait for it to end. We hate the frigid temperatures, the snow, the icy roads, the shoveling, the school closings and the frozen and/or burst water pipes. It’s only mid-January and I’m ready for spring already. Definitely.

You might think that local winemakers’ and grape growers’ worries ended when the fruit came off the vine last fall, but they also have to deal with all of the above this time of year — as well as their own concerns and problems. (more…)

01/19/18 6:02am

Cozy up around one of Pure North Fork’s three fireplaces. (Credit: Cyndi Murray)

In the summer, there’s no second-guessing an evening out to your favorite North Fork restaurant. But January’s frigid weather often swings the pendulum in the opposite direction — staying underneath a blanket sounds oh so tempting.

But at several North Fork restaurants there’s good reason to leave the nest. The reward for braving cold NoFo nights at these restaurants is satisfying meals, local vintages and craft cocktails made even better by the warmth of a fireplace. (more…)