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From left: John Colondona, sister Deanna and mom Michele (with special appearance by Rosie the dog) of JM Window Treatments Furniture & Design. (Photo credit: Lee Meyer)

Locals who have lived on the North Fork for a long time remember the shuttered 1670 Furniture House — many dining room sets, couches and other furnishings still populate the homes of North Forkers to this day. Now, a family business is setting up shop in 1670 Furniture House’s showroom (47155 Middle Road, Southold), with new services and products.

JM Window Treatments Furniture & Design has soft-opened the new showroom, with preparations underway for a grand opening on April 27. Manorville-based Michele Colondona has worked for 25 years doing window treatments, upholstery and interior design, and saw an opportunity to open a showroom after hearing from clients that people missed the 1670 House, which was available to lease.

“We came and looked at it, and we loved it,” says Michele, who brought in her daughter, recent Pratt grad Deanna, 22, to offer interior design services. Her son, John, 25, a contractor, has been renovating the airy, spacious showroom.

The new JM Window Treatments Furniture & Design showroom is currently open while the building is under construction. John has spearheaded the renovations, while Michele and Deanna have worked on stocking the showroom with furniture, upholstery, rugs and wallpaper. They also collaborated with Ann Hurley, who worked at 1670 House in the past and will work at the new business, to find some new furniture clients. 

In addition to furniture and home design services, Michele plans to have a section with clothing, accessories, beachwear and small gifts.

Michele is thrilled to work with her kids on such a big business endeavor.

“I repeat myself over and over again, but I never thought I’d be working with my kids,” she says. “I never planned it. It just happened, but I’m happy about it! It’s exciting.”

Deanna looks forward to working on design jobs and utilizing her interior design degree.

“We’ve had some design jobs in the past, but not a ton,” Deanna says. “That’s what I graduated with and wanted to do more, so this place expands our opportunities to do that.” She will also plans to utilize 3D renderings in her interior design services and can show clients how furniture will look in their homes before they commit to buying.

John, who is quiet and modest, has done a ton of work renovating the building.

“I’ll do anything,” he says. “Hanging pictures, spackles, electrical…”

“He did this whole place!” Michele exclaims. “The high hats, the lighting, the flooring, the barn doors, the kitchen, stained the floors. He did the whole place. It’s a secret talent we didn’t know he had.”

John will also handle furniture delivery.

On working with their mom, the siblings echo with a laugh: “It’s fun!”

Michele hopes to be in the building long-term. 

“When the lease is up, we’re hoping to buy the building,” Michele says. “We want to be here for a long time, and I will one day retire and [my children] will take over.”

The official grand opening for JM Window Treatments Furniture & Design on April 27 all day and will have complimentary wine, giveaways, a raffle and special discounts. Visit for more information on the company’s services and products.