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Carmen Sunshine, on right, demonstrates Buti yoga, a fast-paced, energy shifting form of yoga. (courtesy photo)

The soft inhales and exhales of the typical yoga class will be swapped out for gasps between pulses during a high-intensity, transformative style of yoga not often offered on the North Fork: Buti yoga.

Stroller Strong Mamas of Mattituck is hosting a Buti yoga workshop with guest instructor, Carmen Sunshine, this Thursday, April 18 at 5 p.m. It begins with a 20-minute information session followed by a 45-minute Buti practice.

“Buti is a journey of finding what moves you, what heals you and what sets you free,” says Sunshine. “Buti yoga is a dynamic form of asana practice that includes intensive bursts of primal movement, dance and conditioning.”

Courtesy photos of Rachel Goodale at Stroller Strong Mamas and Carmen Sunshine

Buti yoga was created in 2010 by yoga instructor Bizzie Gold, the word loosely translating to signify a panacea for deeply hidden, troubling secrets or trauma. Its intense, hard-dance moves focus on strength and speed combined with traditional yoga moves for a more intense cardio-version of the practice, with the idea of working on one’s body from the inside out.

Just like in any yoga class, mats are rolled out, inhales and exhales are taken and it begins with gentle stretching in child’s pose. Once the beat drops, however, the energy shift begins. Loud, percussion-driven music is played while Sunshine leads the class through yoga postures and pulsing designed to move energy up and out of the body.

“My intention is to help others move freely, experiencing the release. Leading by example with moving no matter my age, size or shape,” says Sunshine, who has hosted Buti yoga in her home studio, Sunshine Barre Studio in Rocky Point, since becoming certified to lead all movement modalities in 2017.

Thursday’s Buti yoga workshop with Sunshine is billed as a special event by Stroller Strong Mamas, and it’s one of a few kid-free events held there. Click here to book online.