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A piece for everyone from every time period at The Times Vintage | Photos by David Benthal

Entering Elizabeth Sweigert’s store, The Times Vintage, was the dopamine rush I didn’t know I needed on a Sunday afternoon. Greeted by orange and yellow hues in the form of fun displays and the flower-petal dressing room doors, I was in awe of both the shop’s creative design and its well-curated selection of clothing and accessories from various decades. Beyond the clothes themselves, the decade-specific vignettes, like the ‘90s kids’ room complete with a vintage Nintendo gaming system, transported me back to being a teen. Since it’s our October issue, our purpose was to put together some fun Halloween costume ideas, but Sweigert’s store is a fantastic spot any time of year for special occasions or everyday pieces to make your wardrobe unique. For now, enjoy our costume themes of traveling salesperson, ‘80s prom queen or hippie — or have fun creating your own. Happy shopping! 


Photos by David Benthal

Viola Jeans, $35 These dark blue 1970s Viola jeans were made in the USA and are the perfect accompaniment to your fringe vest, whether you’re out for a night or heading to a peace rally. 

Suede Fringe Vest, $95 This dark chocolate-brown suede vest features a golden brown basketweave pattern and classic hippie fringe at the bottom. 

Gray sunglasses, $25 These scallop-rimmed sunglasses complement the overall hippie aesthetic but they’re cool enough that you might wear them beyond Halloween. 

Earrings, $35 Long and draping, these earrings scream good vibes and feature the iconic smiley face and yin-yang symbol. Classic hippie accessory. 


Photos by David Benthal

Pink Ballgown, $350 Pink, puffy and silk. The perfect ‘80s prom queen combo. This strapless gown by Fairchild has excellent attention to detail and can be paired with the crown of your choice. 

Black and Silver Long Dress, $45 Shoulder pads, shimmer fabric, and a thick belt with chunky buckle. This dress has it all. Enjoy your stroll across the dance floor in this stunner. 

Sequined Long-Sleeved Dress, $65 Sequins!!! Yes, they’re itchy; yes, they may fall off. But, also yes, they’re classic ‘80s and this long-sleeved dress will make you feel like the queen you are. 


Photos by David Benthal

Plaid Suitcase, $45 A green flannel suitcase with leatherette detailing is the perfect way to travel door-to-door selling vacuums, Bibles or housewares of any kind. 

Corduroy Fedora, $65 No salesperson costume is complete without a hat. Norman Rockwell’s paintings of salesmen almost always include hats. Make sure to take it off as you greet each new person you meet on your travels. 

Pen, $3 Pop this into the pocket of your collared shirt or leave it at your prospective client’s home so they know you mean business.