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David Benthal is a commercial, portrait, and wedding photographer working in the New York area.

Partners Miriam Foster and Grayson Murphy have taken a classic country store and infused it with a level of care and dedication to the homemade not often seen but so truly needed, especially in a small, tight-knit community like Orient. Walking into the store is like stepping back in time to a country store of a bygone era, where the owner knows your name and your usual, and the baked goods at the counter have a crust that is so perfectly imperfect that you can’t leave without a slice of something delicious. The sandwiches are creative and the aesthetic isn’t the least bit contrived. In a time when so many hospitality businesses spend time trying to make their spaces look antique, Foster and Murphy have taken a true antique and made it a place where we can all feel welcome and satiated. 

1) Fresh Cookies, $3 each

Oatmeal and sea salt! Good thing I bought two or we wouldn’t have had one to photograph. These cookies are the perfect blend of sweet grain and savory sea salt. Don’t leave the store without one.

2) Homemade Sorbet (by the pint), $12

There are few places in the world where you can pay for an item and the owner ringing you up says, “Oh, I just churned that sorbet on Wednesday” but at the Orient Country Store, that’s the norm. Local produce plus Foster’s dedication are a winning combo.

3) “Three Sheets to the Wind” by Cynthia Barrett (signed copies), $20

Maybe it’s because I’ve always lived on islands or maybe it’s because of this region’s nautical history but I find myself using so many of the euphemisms in this book and to finally know their origin was such a treat.

4) Orient Country Store Hat, $25

We love merch, especially when it promotes a fantastic small business like the Orient Country Store. These hats come in all different colors and styles to ensure that everyone can find one they love.

5) Vintage Postcards, 3 for $1

Is something printed in 1997 vintage? I argue it is, especially these postcards showcasing reproduced photos of Eastern Long Island landmarks like the Crab Shack or Orient’s Methodist Church.

6) Vanilla Cream Soda by Virgil’s, $3 per bottle

Virgil’s whole schtick is great soda without artificial or GMO-sourced ingredients and this soda is a winner. It reminds me of the cream sodas I used to get as a kid at the lunch counter with my grandmother in Brooklyn. Take a sip today for a refreshing taste and happy memories.

7) Apple Walnut Cake, $4 per slice

This dense cake is the perfect accompaniment to your morning coffee or tea. It’s sweet from the apples but balanced by the walnuts in a way that makes your brain think it’s a healthy breakfast option but your stomach knows it’s the perfect treat.

8) Homemade Granola, 13-oz. bag, $12

This batch of Miriam’s homemade granola is gluten-free and vegan made with coconut oil in lieu of butter. This literal mixed bag of goodies feels part trail mix, part granola, all spectacular.