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Get beyond the bottle and sip in style with keeper wine gear at Macari Vineyard. (Photo credit: Doug Young)

Whether you’re a wine country tourist or a local out for an afternoon at your favorite vino venue, you’ll need a little extra gear if you plan to bring bottles home with you — and at some of your favorites spots, you can even turn those necessary accoutrements into keepsakes. At Macari Vineyards (150 Bergen Ave., Mattituck, 631-298-0100), the temptation in the tasting room goes beyond exploring their diverse array of vintages. In the last 25 years, the winery and tasting room have evolved beyond fermented grapes alone to offer a curated line of accessories to help you sip soundly — perfect for enhancing the wine experiences of budding oenophiles and seasoned experts alike. 

Plain Corkscrew, $10; with wooden box, $25

This Macari-engraved corkscrew is made from high-quality stainless steel and is double-hinged with two points of leverage to allow for effortless opening.

Decanters, $40 

This engraved glass vessel lets you serve in style, facilitating some needed aeration to open up sleeping reds and enhance their full aromas and flavor profiles. Bonus: It just looks pretty on your dinner party table, too! 

Bottle stopper, $2.25

One of the worst things you can do is forget to close up a bottle after a glass (or two) of wine. Why? Extended open aeration will start to oxidize wine and deteriorate aromas and flavors. These wooden bottle stoppers will keep your vino safe for next-day sipping. 

Stemless Wine Glasses, $6 each 

Sturdy yet elegantly thin, these stemless wine glasses not only offer a vessel for stylish, casual wine tasting, they’re a great keepsake in your cabinet. 

Ice buckets, $55

Macari’s branded metal ice buckets ensure your whites and rosés stay chilled no matter the time of year — and reds that were stored a little on the warm side can get a quick cool plunge to bring them to optimal serving temperature. 

Tote bag, $15

With this durable and eco-friendly tote, you can carry wine country memories with you everywhere you go. Perfect for shopping, beach outings or as your everyday carry-all.