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Photos by Dave Benthal

No trip to Greenport is complete without a visit to Little Creek Oysters. Owners Ian Wile and Rosalie Rung have created a spot where locals, tourists, baymen and everyone in between can enjoy incredibly fresh oysters in a casual outdoor oasis in this busy maritime town. If oysters aren’t your thing; the menu also boasts killer hot dogs and ceviche. Before you head home, be sure to step inside the market for a taste of their shop to go.

Topwater Lager & Marine Lazy Hazy IPA, $20 for a retail 4-pack

Little Creek collaborated with Barrier Brewing Co. to create these two beers. Both feature an ABV of under 5% so you can enjoy them in the sun with some fresh oysters without worrying about a hangover.

Bluefish Dip, $20 for 8 oz. or $16 for 4 oz.

Buy this homemade dip, made with smoked local bluefish, on its own in an eight-ounce container or packed picnic-ready with vegetable crudités and chips.

Shucking knife and gloves, $40/$10

Want to impress your friends? Bring a dozen oysters to their party and shuck them yourself. Talk about an excellent party skill to have! And this expert knife from Toadfish paired with a set of latex-coated gloves means your hands will be safe while you show off. 

Top Water Gin by Matchbook Distilling Co., $12 per cocktail 

Ian and Rosalie partnered with Matchbook distilling Co. to create a custom gin that would work in their creative cocktail list and sip well with oysters. This hand-crafted gin has botanicals like juniper, locally sourced lemongrass and sea kelp from the Maine coast. Enjoy it in Little Creek’s Peppered Gin & Tonic or take a stroll down the block to buy a bottle direct from the distillery.

Little Creek T-shirt, $25

Represent your favorite shellfish shack with some Little Creek swag. These navy blue T-shirts come in a variety of sizes and feature Little Creek’s slogan — “Shuck Yourself” — on the back.

Bachan’s Hot & Spicy Barbecue Sauce, $13

This Japanese-style barbecue sauce is umami in a squeeze bottle. This stuff makes every dish incredible. Use it on your favorite meats, seafood or, perhaps, a grilled oyster.

Little Creek Hot Sauces, $8 each

“Three-legged Table” is a salsa verde hot sauce and “Capt’n Bulldog Beauregard’s” is a Cajun-style sauce. These house-made hot sauces bring just the right kick of heat and flavor. 

Canned Smoked Salmon (8 oz.), $16

This canned delicacy is a true taste of the world. It features salmon from the Arctic circle and Szechuan chili crisp from a Los Angeles chef/Chinese cuisine expert and is packed at a family-owned cannery in Washington State.