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The Greenport Cherry Blossom Festival and Petal Tour sees over 300 trees bloom around the village. (Photo Credit: Deborah Rivera Pittorino)

Cherry blossoms are (almost) in bloom!

“When you’re dealing with cherry blossoms, you’re dealing with Mother Nature,” says Deborah Rivera Pittorino, the founder and organizer of the AgroCouncil’s Cherry Blossom Festival Petal Tour and Run for the Petals 5K

This year, the annual tour kicks off April 20, the same day as the Run for the Petals 5K and will include traditional Japanese performances.

The AgroCouncil decided to hold the annual Petal Tour on the same day as the 5K to make the Cherry Blossom Festival more of a community event. “Every year there’s a bit of a lag between the run and when the trees would blossom,” she says. “So we decided to launch the festival the same day so people would go out into the community and try the different offerings from the vendors. So it doesn’t matter if all the trees are in bloom or not. It’s really about celebrating the community and the offerings of our merchants.”

The walking tour of Greenport allows visitors to see the beautiful cherry blossom trees, as well as stop at participating businesses that will have special cherry blossom-themed items, food and drink. This year, Aldo’s is offering a special latte, while Kessie will have cherry blossom-themed gifts in stock. Greenport Wine and Spirits will have rosé specials, and Tea and Tchotchkes will have special teas for sale.

“The merchants are appreciative because right before the season starts, it’s a tough time,” says Rivera Pittorino. “It’s a long winter! The Cherry Blossom Festival is a very welcome event.”

(Photos courtesy of Deborah Rivera Pittorino)

The 5K, which is organized by Nicki Gohorel, will kick off from the Third St. park at 9 a.m., which is also where visitors can see Junko Fisher perform a traditional Okinawan dancer, as well as Ryu Shu Kan taiko drummers. The day will also include cherry blossom craft activities for children.

Runners can register for the run in advance here for $30, or for $35 the day of the run. Those who register in advance will get a commemorative t-shirt. Maps of the Petal Tour can be found in most Greenport businesses (as well as below!). Visit for more information. And if you can’t be there on April 20, the cherry blossoms are in bloom for several weeks.

“The Festival highlights what a special place Greenport is,” says Rivera Pittorino. “It really emphasizes how lucky we are to live in a village where you can walk [and see] over 300 cherry blossoms in one square mile. It’s really incredible.”