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Emilo’s pizzeria on Main Street will continue to lease the building. (Credit: Cyndi Zaweski)

Foodies and real estate enthusiasts who stumbled across a transfer for the building that is currently home to Emilio’s pizzeria in Greenport might be excited to learn of the new owner, but they’ll have to show a little patience before future plans come to fruition. 

The building was sold to an LLC formed by 1943 Pizza Bar owner Matt Michel, who said he plans to one day expand his operation into the larger building nearby, but it won’t be right away.

Real estate records show the corporation purchased the building at 400 Main Street for $1.2 million in October, but Michel said the plan is to honor the Emilio’s lease until it expires in two years.

“Emilio’s is my tenant,” he said, declining to discuss his specific plans at any length.

1943 Pizza Bar and its sister craft cocktail lounge Brix & Rye opened in Stirling Square in 2014. The Pizza Bar got its start back in 2009 as the popular Rolling in Dough pizza truck, which continues to operate from a retrofitted 1943 K-6 International Harvester truck.

Emilio’s opened at 400 Main Street in Greenport in 2006. The family-run pizzeria serves up traditional Italian dishes and specialty pizzas. The owners declined to comment on the sale.