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Crispy carbs, bright red sauce, ooey, gooey cheese — a classic slice of pizza is something that can’t be beat. Luckily, the North Fork has loads of spots to get a great slice. We tasked our Northforker staff with picking out their absolute favorite. Here’s what they said.

Red pie with hot peppers, caramelized onions and ricotta (on the side!), 1943 Pizza Bar

For my family, it is 1943 hands down.  We get a red pie with hot peppers, caramelized onions and some ricotta on the side.  It’s amazing. But we always get the meatballs and whatever the special salad of the day is as well. The salad is always so delicious I don’t even ask what is in it anymore. —Sonja Derr, Director of Sales and Marketing

Margarita with hot peppers, artichoke and pesto, Brix & Rye

Brix & Rye is my favorite spot for great pizza on the North Fork. I love that you can create your own custom pizza. My go-to pie is the classic margarita with hot peppers, artichoke, and basil pesto. And, sorry, I’m not sharing. —Michelina Da Fonte, Associate Content Director

Sausage Pizza, La Capricciosa’s Brick Oven Pizza 

La Capricciosa’s makes a perfect NYC-style thin crust pie, ringed by airy, chewy, just-this-side-of-charred edges. The sausage is a favorite at our house—rather than unappetizing pellets, it comes covered with thin slices of fennel-spiked meat. The friendly people here have also earned my loyalty by being the kind of place parents can call on a Friday night when no one can agree on dinner and order, purely hypothetically and definitely not referring to my family, a half-sausage, half-pineapple pizza with no judgement and no questions asked. —Sara Austin, editorial director

The Lombardi’s Love Lane, Lombardi’s Love Lane Market

There are a handful of awesome spots for wood-fired pizzas but few pack as much of a flavorful lunch as this one. There’s a lot going on, from the oh-so-sweet cherry peppers to the broccoli rabe to its sweet fennel sausage. It’s great to share or to proudly house on your own in private.—Grant Parpan, Content Director

Margharita pie, Pizza Rita

I’m a sucker for the classics, and when I’m craving pizza, this is the pie I want. It comes out super hot and crispy with the perfect ratio of cheese to sauce to basil. I can almost never wait until it’s at an acceptable temperature to get it into my mouth, burning myself, but it’s always worth it. And I never go home with leftovers. —Felicia LaLomia, lifestyle reporter