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STRAWBERRY SACRED BASIL PAVLOVA from 1943 Pizza Bar, Greenport Photography by Felicia LaLomia

June is all about strawberries — picking them, admiring them and finding new ways to eat them. 

STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE  from The Frisky Oyster, Greenport 

This summer classic pops up at every picnic and backyard BBQ, but this version is anything but boring. A sugar crusted shortcake tops pillowy whipped cream and ruby-red jewels of strawberries. If that wasn’t enough, a local strawberry sorbet comes alongside. $13 

STRAWBERRY OG from North Fork Doughnut Company, Mattituck 

This classic yeasted doughnut wears a hat of creamy, strawberry frosting decorated with sprinkles. It’s almost a caricature of what a doughnut can be and we wouldn’t change a thing about it. Eat it as dessert rather than breakfast, as the fluffiness and sheer size may put you right to sleep. $3.50 

STRAWBERRY RHUBARB PIE from Briermere Farms, Riverhead 

People come from all over the island (and probably further) to stand in line and get their hands on a Briermere pie. The strawberry rhubarb — a nostalgic combination of pink, tart and sweet cloaked in the classic Briermere crust — is one of their most popular. $22 

STRAWBERRY ICE CREAM from Patty’s Berries & Bunches, Mattituck 

We all love a good strawberry U-pick farm. But after spending a few hours in the field at Patty’s in June, we are hot, exhausted and hungry. What better pick-me-up than super-fresh ice cream made from those same strawberries you just spent time picking? $5 

STRAWBERRY SACRED BASIL PAVLOVA from 1943 Pizza Bar, Greenport 

This meringue-based dessert has a crisp, pure white exterior that melts on contact with your tongue and a luscious interior of strawberries and vanilla pastry cream. Topped with more delicate sliced strawberries, a few sacred basil leaves and dainty edible flowers, you might want to keep this dessert as decor just as much as you want to eat it. $10 

STRAWBERRY NAPOLEON from Windamere, Mattituck 

For this towering dessert, Chef Bruce Miller layers the flakiest puff pastry with dollops of cream filling, bursts of North Fork strawberries and fresh whipped cream. Sprinkles of hazelnut croquant add crunch and nuttiness. $12