10/27/19 10:12am

Blue Point Brewing Co. put its mark on the old Briarcliff clock tower this year. (Credit: Blue Point Brewing)

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Patchogue Village has gone from up-and-coming foodie haven to the county’s top dining destination over the past decade with reservations a must on a weekend and places still packed well into the night. (more…)

10/27/19 9:44am

The Amityville Horror house is one of a handfulof sppoky Long Island haunts. (Credit: BrownieCharles99/Wikimedia Commons)

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From Stephen King to Goosebumps, libraries (and these days, tablets) are full of ghost stories for the hard-to-spook to the faint of heart. And come Halloween, actors dressed as the undead dole out more tricks than treats for people who dare to enter haunted houses like Gateway Playhouse.

Though a sneaky zombie may give guests a temporary fright, they can rest easy knowing it was all make believe.

But there are a handful of places on Long Island, locals insist are haunted. (more…)

09/25/19 6:00am

As summer turns to fall, the focus at local wineries is on the harvest. For some larger operations, that means maybe a dozen workers manning the vineyards, gathering the bounty of the current vintage.

But for smaller producers, it might mean only a handful of people functioning together like a well-oiled machine to make for the best season. (more…)

09/22/19 6:00am

Carr’s Ciderhouse is a family-run operation handcrafting small batch, barrel-aged hard ciders as well as apple cider syrup and apple cider vinegar.

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Apple juice is about as synonymous with after-school snacking as cookies and milk. But when school turns to a 9-to-5 job, beverages can use a little twist. And when the air is as crisp as a Fuji apple, hard cider is a quintessential sipper. (more…)

09/01/19 5:55am

A winding road in western Maine is a great place to spot  fall foliage. (Credit: Visit Maine)

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The sun has unofficially set on summer.

But though we’ll soon be swapping sundresses for sweater dresses and flip-flops for cozy socks, our sense of adventure need not shrink along with the hours of daylight. (more…)