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Bridge Lane’s Bubbles rosé in a can is available for purchase for at their Mattituck tasting room. (Photo credit: David Benthal)

Bridge Lane is known not only for their wine varietals but also for their wine vessels: boxed, canned, bottled and kegged, as their motto states. While they’ve previously created canned rosé and canned sparkling wine, Bridge Lane’s latest release is the best of both worlds: a canned sparkling rosé. We chatted with general manager Ami Opisso to learn all about the fantastic summer wine that’s perfect on a hot July day. 

Style: Fresh and spritzy, with a hint of sweetness 

Flavor profile: Essence of fresh summer strawberries and peaches 

Pairs with: Light dishes, like fresh shellfish or salads, or dishes with a little spice, like grilled ribs. But Bridge Lane’s favorite pairing for sparkling rosé is fried chicken!

Aging process: With a bright, fresh rosé like this one, long aging isn’t necessary. It’s stainless steel fermented and aged before canning to preserve freshness and pure fruitiness. 

Ideal serving temp: Cold — around 40 degrees Fahrenheit. Achieve this with 15 minutes in the freezer or 10 minutes in a bucket of ice. 

On the nose: This new release has notes of sweet red fruits like cherries and watermelon. 

To hold or not to hold: As with most rosés, this wine is made to enjoy right away. 

Best time to drink: Poolside or on a boat. The can is the perfect portable summer sipping companion. But always enjoy it responsibly! 

Bridge Lane’s Bubbles rosé in a can is available for purchase for $28/four-pack of slim cans (250ml) at their Mattituck tasting room: 35 Cox Neck Road, Mattituck.