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The four flavors of canned cocktails being released this weekend by Long Island Spirits (credit: Long Island Spirits).

This Saturday, August 1, Long Island Spirits is launching a new line of canned cocktails with four flavors made with their own vodka. After spending the last two years developing the recipe and flavors, Richard Stabile, founder and master distiller, felt they were ready to be released. 

“We start with our LiV Standard Edition corn vodka, which is made from local corn,” he said. “We then blend our vodka with natural juice and flavors and a sweetener which is 100 percent natural. They are all then placed in something called a Brite Tank, which allows us to chill and carbonate the mixture to create a sparkling blend.”

These canned cocktails are a part of a larger trend of changing up the packaging of alcoholic beverages to make them more transportable. Local wineries, such as Pindar Vineyards, Bridge Lane and Suhru Wines, have jumped on this to offer their wine in a can.

“They are of course for everyone who currently enjoys other ready-to-drink cocktails or seltzers on the market,” Stabile said.

Each cocktail is made and canned at the Long Island Spirits facility in Baiting Hollow. The four flavors coming out this weekend are Southampton Lemonade, Last Summer Lime Fizz, Watermelon Crush and Long Island Cold Brew Tea.

“Each of the flavors has the true authentic flavor they describe on the label and are incredibly refreshing,” Stabile said. “From the aromatic citrus notes from the time you open the cans to your first taste.”

The cocktails are gluten-free, sugar-free, measure about 100 calories per 355 milliliter can and contain five percent alcohol. To get your hands on these new beverages, head over to Long Island Spirits for a to-go pickup. They will be available in liquor stores in New York and the northeast in August and in 20 additional states in September.

2182 Sound Ave, Baiting Hollow