08/06/19 5:00am

The bloody Mary at LIV is made with local horseradish. (Credit: David Benthal)

It’s no secret that locally sourced farm-to-table food defines the culinary scene on the North Fork. 

With dozens of farms growing diverse and delicious produce it makes sense that chefs have embraced all the area has to offer in the dishes they prepare at their restaurants. Farm-to-glass is also an important part of the North Fork experience — and not just in the grapes pressed into wine or the hops harvested into beer. Farm-fresh cocktails are also on the rise. (more…)

04/01/17 6:02am

When Rich Stabile launched Long Island Spirits distillery in Baiting Hollow in January 2007, he imagined it becoming a regional staple behind its signature drink, LiV Vodka. A decade later, as distilleries have sprouted up across the nation, Long Island Spirits has expanded to include whiskey, gin and fruit-based sorbettas, ships its products across the country and will soon export to Canada and possibly Europe.  READ

01/05/17 6:00am
LiV Baiting Hollow

Long Island Spirits in Baiting Hollow celebrates 10 years today. (Credit: Vera Chinese)

Long Island potato country might have ceded that title to wine long ago, but today marks 10 years in business for the local potato vodka maker.

And owners are celebrating a decade of business with 10 percent discounts on bottles and merchandise during January.

Long Island Spirits, which makes LiV vodka, Rough Rider bourbon and whisky, Pine Barrens whisky, Deepwells gin and Sorbetta liqueurs, was officially founded on Jan. 5, 2007. It was the first distillery on Long Island since the 19th century, according to its website. The tasting room opened in June 2008. (more…)

06/27/15 9:51am
Summer Cocktails by Maria del Mar Sacasa Photography by Tara Striano

Summer Cocktails by Maria del Mar Sacasa. (Credit: Tara Striano)

Whether you’re lounging by the pool, barbecuing on the grill or just hanging out, this season was made for summer cocktails — and that’s the title of a new book that was produced on the North Fork. (more…)