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Pindar Vineyards in Peconic is releasing its two most popular vintages — Winter White and Summer Blush — in canned form this spring. Co-owner and Director of Vineyard Management, Pindar Damianos, said the winery started experimenting with alternative packaging last summer, shortly after veteran Long Island winemaker Erik Bilka joined the team.

“We have always been innovative,” said Damianos, who noted that its location in a seaside community helped drive the idea to can. “We did it to offer consumers convenience. We’re surrounded by water. It is easier to throw a couple cans in a cooler and head to the beach. They don’t have to worry about glass bottles or an opener.”

Pindar Vineyards will start producing the new product line at the winery in March with the help of mobile canning company IronHeart Canning, which works with small and mid-sized breweries and wineries throughout the nation. The goal is produce 600 cases (24 cans) of 375 ml wines , which they hope to start selling by April at the Peconic and Port Jefferson tasting rooms as well as at select wine stores. The cans are made from 100 percent recyclable aluminum to preserve the wine better than bottles since light can’t penetrate the container, Damianos said.

Two 375 ml cans are equivalent to one bottle of wine. They will be sold in four packs.

Damianos said the Winter White — an easy drinking wine on the sweeter side — and Summer Blush — a rosé style wine with a hint of strawberry — were natural choices to launch the canning line due to their perennial popularity and because they’re perfect spring and summer sippers.

If the initial two canned wines are a hit, Pindar Vineyards will expand the line to include its other seasonal vintages, Autumn Gold and Spring Splendor, as four packs and also variety packs, Damianos said.

Bridge Lane Wine in Mattituck was the first winery to can on Long Island. It started in 2017, producing 1,000 375 ml packages of its popular 2016 rosé. It now offers a full line of canned wines.