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I like to eat.

Some men fish for a hobby, others paint or collect cars, I scout for great meals.

If I’m planning a vacation, I scan Yelp and Google ratings and find blog posts about the best restaurants in town long before I figure out how I’ll fill the time between filling my belly. Years later, I might not remember the names of the historic landmarks, parks and beaches we visited in a given city, but the search engine results for say, “best breakfast in Montreal,” remain fresh in my head. (The duck benedict at L’Avenue will not disappoint, by the way.)

So when it came time for our latest special issue, which hits newsstands this week, it was a no-brainer to publish one filled entirely with food-related articles.

I like to think I’m not alone in being food-obsessed and if I am, well, that’s great — more for me.

If the number of food shows on TV isn’t enough to convince you we’ve become captivated by cuisine than a trip to the North Fork might do the trick. Here you’ll find visitors and locals alike shucking oysters by the water in Greenport or picking strawberries in Mattituck. We consume local produce, meats, cheese and baked goods from our farms. Fish caught in the bay end up on our dinner plates. Even the ice cream we eat here is homemade at our favorite places.

You may come here for our beaches and wineries, but you’ll leave thinking about our restaurants.

At northforker, some of the most-read stories we do are about food. People want to know what new restaurant is coming to town, what they should try on the menu and who is working in the kitchen. Sometimes we’ll post photos or brief blog posts about meals we enjoyed and will watch as people tag their friends and love ones, saying “let’s try this.” Our podcast episodes about food are consistently the most listened to.

It’s rewarding for us to help you navigate your way as you dine across the North Fork and we take care to do our best to steer you in the right direction. That’s not to say our recommendations meet all tastes or expectations or that our experiences will mirror your own, but we enjoy being able to tell the stories behind the many great purveyors and producers out here. We see it as a big part of our duty.

This issue amplifies that philosophy.

Instead of our usual two-story “eat” section, all eight of our featured articles are about different aspects of the North Fork food experience. There are profiles from a few of our favorite restaurants, a feature on a home-cooking class and pieces that speak to what this area is most known for when it comes to food: our farms and our fish.

We could probably fill a food issue every year and never run out of stories to tell, but we promise this article will not leave you hungry. (Well, not for more food anyway.)

Happy eating, everyone!

Grant Parpan, Content Director