11/19/19 6:00am

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There comes a time around early September when we begin to plan this December issue each year.

It is really odd to have temperatures in the upper 70s and we’re talking about Christmas here in the Northeast. This year we took things a step further by focusing our cover concept for this holiday issue on New Year’s Eve. (more…)

09/24/19 6:00am

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Several weeks back, I was on a road trip with family and, while driving back to Long Island on the Cross Island Parkway, I noticed what I thought might be a harvest moon. (more…)

06/25/19 6:00am

The North Fork music scene could be described as atypical.

Unlike other communities where a particular venue might dominate the scene, featuring headlining artists and, in some cases, hosting major concert events, music here often takes a back seat to all the other things to do.

Yet it’s ever present. (more…)