01/15/19 5:48am

There’s something about Instagram that makes the North Fork even more beautiful and hosts Grant Parpan and Michelina Da Fonte try to get to the bottom of it in this week’s podcast.

Listen in as they talk about some of their favorite accounts to follow, the best places to shoot and just how powerful a tool the social media platform can be here.

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12/25/18 6:05am

The cover of the September issue photographed by David Benthal.

We expanded our multimedia offerings to include a series of podcasts and Northforker TV. We also added more magazines to our print lineup.

In March, one year after publishing our very first issue of northforker magazine in 2017, we expanded to 10 issues. When we created northforker.com in 2013, we built in sections for the four verbs that best summed up our content: eat, drink, live and breathe.  (more…)

10/02/18 6:10am

So you’ve been to and loved the Land and Sea Gala, but have you ever checked out Rotary Uncorked? Are you more of a Halloween Fest type or a Dances in the Park fan?

For our second episode of our new podcast, “On,” we focused on a topic people often ask us about: our favorite North Fork events.

In future episodes, hosts Grant Parpan, Krysten Massa and more will discuss our favorite outdoor spots, which places we prefer for tacos, and other very serious and important discussions that needed to happen.

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Update: The band at Art in the Park is called Roadtrip. They are high schoolers and they’re pretty awesome! Check them out Oct. 20.

This week’s episode was sponsored by the Mattituck Chamber of Commerce. Be sure to check out this year’s final First Fridays on Love Lane this Friday, Oct. 5 from 6 to 9 p.m.