08/08/18 6:00am

Swedish sculptor Lars Widenfalk creates a piece of artwork at Sparkling Pointe in Southold. (Credit: Erika Peters)

Master sculptors from around the world are inviting North Fork winery-goers to watch them create new works of art amidst the vines — right before their very eyes.

The Artida Cultural Center and the Long Island Wine Council have teamed up with East End International Sculpture Symposium and I Love NY to present “Sculpture in the Vines.” (more…)

10/15/15 9:58am
Northforker file photo

Northforker file photo

It’s official. A visit to long Island Wine Country is just as good of a getaway as a pricey Napa Valley jaunt — at least according to food, drink and travel website Thrillist, anyway.

The article, however, doesn’t focus on the quality of Long Island’s cabernet francs and merlots or the crisp, natural acidity of its sauvignon blancs. Admittedly not a wine connoisseur, writer Tony Merevick instead hones in on the experience of visiting the region. (more…)

06/19/15 6:15am
Some Long Island vineyards will soon be shifting focus from agratainment to the wine itself.  (Credit: Carrie Miller)

Louisa Hargrave asks ‘How can the wineries reach real customers while discouraging freeloaders.’ (Credit: Carrie Miller)

Tasting room visits are important to Long Island’s wineries. On-site visits create loyal customers and wineries get to keep 30 percent of the retail price that would otherwise go to distributors. But one limo load of tipsy party seekers can ruin the tasting experience for everyone. Crowds of tourists will affect the quality and essential nature of the places they come to see. How can the wineries reach real customers while discouraging the freeloaders?   


12/05/14 11:41am
Northforker file photo

Northforker file photo

I don’t listen to music in the car much anymore, mostly just NPR. But I have started listening to a handful of podcasts, including food celebrity Alton Brown’s “The Alton Browncast.” A recent episode featured George Peterson from the Monterey Bay Aquarium – associated with well-known seafood website Seafood Watch  — which touched on what it means for a fishery to be sustainable. (more…)