08/31/18 6:05am

Jimmy Hayward of Commander Cody’s on Shelter Island. (Credit: Randee Daddona)

As the sun rises, Jimmy Hayward is already on his boat, checking his pots.

The fisherman goes out three or four times a week, leaving the metal baskets in the water and returning to see what he caught. At 83, Mr. Hayward, owner of Commander Cody’s Fish Market on Shelter Island, still baits for porgies, weakfish, bluefish, blackfish and sea bass. 

But he’s not limited to catching just those species. (more…)

09/09/13 8:00am
ceviche recipe fluke shelter island

Photo by Charity Robey | Most of what you need to make ceviche is grown or caught here.

Deep in the waters of Greenport Harbor, partially buried in the sandy bottom, are scores of large fish, brown on one side and white on the other. Call them fluke, summer flounder or doormats: these flat, bottom-dwelling fish with both eyes on the same side of their heads are ugly — and delicious. (more…)