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(Photo courtesy of Underground Training)

Getting fit remains a popular New Year’s resolution. A Forbes Health/OnePoll revealed that the top goal was improving fitness, with nearly half (48 percent) saying it was their number one priority.

Whether you’re trying to hit the ground running in 2024 or coming across this story later in the game, getting fit has its benefits. Think improved cardiovascular health and a heck of a mental boost. Personal training and group fitness classes can add a social component, helping gym-goers find friends and accountability partners.

The social aspect is a biggie because classes can be a challenge, chock-full of sweat-inducing burpees, CrossFit and cycling that’ll leave you feeling the burn both at the moment and well into the next day. Still, it’s worth it.

Independent gyms on the North Fork offer custom-built classes ready to help students meet their goals and bust through plateaus. Ready to build strength, endurance and a fit fam? These North Fork gyms provide it.  

Activated Wellness, 13 Grand Ave., Shelter Island Heights, 631-466-5008

A massage therapist and personal trainer, Amber Pagano’s philosophy extends beyond the idea that either role is merely “touch and movement.” Both can be healing — and spiritual — experiences. Pagano’s massages and private and small-group fitness sessions combine breath, muscle activations and movement to help students reduce pain and feel stronger and more confident. Functional fitness sessions focus on building full-body strength without glossing over the importance of stability and mobility.

NoFo Wellness Center, 320 Depot Lane, Cutchogue, 631-734-4042

(Photo courtesy of North Fork Wellness Center)

You don’t need to join a nationwide chain gym to gain access to cardio equipment like treadmills and stationary bikes and a weight room designed to help you level up. The NoFo Wellness Center combines the friendly atmosphere of a local boutique facility with state-of-the-art equipment and the expansive setting of a larger gym. The 8,000-square-foot facility is home to a weight room with dumbbells and benches, cardio machines and tons of in-person and live-streaming classes. Strength and cardio classes provide a double whammy, helping students get stronger and build endurance in 60 minutes flat. Spin and TRX classes are also known to make people “glisten” in a New York minute.

Wicked Fit, 13650 Main Road, Mattituck, 631-830-8389 

Another spacious spot, Wicked Fit’s 11,000-square-foot facility boasts cardio machines, power racks and other top-notch equipment for people who are serious about getting stronger. Don’t get it twisted, though. All experience levels are welcome — from beginners to avid lifters. A Body Shok HIIT program meshes strength, core, cardio and functional training to help people improve muscle mass and endurance. People can choose from plans that allow for four, 12 or unlimited monthly sessions,

Underground Training, 53345 Main Road, Unit 10-1, Southold, 631-463-1603

Katie Peters went from teaching fitness classes in her basement to opening Underground Training in Southold in 2017. More than a half-decade later, the business is going as strong as the students who come to her HIIT classes and personal training. A kettlebell class combines a “sick playlist,” a temporary distraction from the burn and motivation to complete just one last rep. A lower-impact body sculpt is ideal for beginners, using small, targeted movements to build a foundation.

CrossFit North Tribe, 45655 Route 48, Southold, 631-365-6331

CrossFit became a fitness sensation in the mid-2010s, and CrossFit North Tribe remains a popular spot for its high-intensity strength and conditioning regimen. High-energy classes also focus on building community among students, who push each other to reach new heights. In-person and Zoom classes are available, literally meeting clients where they are. With infrared saunas and compression therapies, a recovery lounge helps you relieve pain and get back on the mat more quickly.  

Jill Schroeder Training150 Griffing St., Cutchogue, 631-315-5227

(Photo courtesy of Jill Schroeder)

Jill Schroeder’s services focus mainly on personal training and medical exercise, the latter designed for people with chronic conditions like cardiovascular disease. Training sessions are custom to the client’s goals but place a premium on health, fitness and function. Saturday strength training classes are also available. Looking to mingle with other students more frequently? Schroeder — who has done the NYC Half Marathon — and her students often compete in East End races together.

Maximus Health + Fitness, 126 E. Main St., Riverhead, 631-369-6293

Set on the heart of Riverhead’s burgeoning Main Street, Maximus Health has cardio and weight-training equipment and a schedule chock-full of classes. Spinning classes — including a “booty burn” — is what it sounds like. Body Pump and Zumba classes scorch calories with high-intensity intervals designed to help you optimize your workout.