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Start your morning with coffee in your own homemade mug. (Photo credit: David Benthal)

Local artists Melissa Gabrielsen and Verona Peñalba’s new space, VEME (pronounced “veh-may”) Studios is a place to create something out of whatever you fancy: watercolor, pottery, acrylic or clay, with professional artists at the ready to help with any questions you may have. Their pop-in art bar concept, which offers two-hour art sessions, lets you dictate your schedule, and they provide all you need for the creative fix. Don’t have enough time to work on something yourself? Check out their offerings from local artisans, including Gabrielsen and Peñalba’s own work, readily for sale, too. From tabletop to accessories to abstract art, you’re sure to lift your spirits and soothe your tired soul in this amazing new addition to Front Street in Greenport.

Linen shirt by Veriveri, $85

Design your own pattern on a soft, linen top. (Photo credit: David Benthal)

This 100% linen tunic was made in Peñalba’s home country of Nicaragua and hade-painted here on the North Fork by Peñalba herself.

White Clay Cups, $25 each

This cup is simply perfect for a warm beverage on a cold day or as a vessel for fresh or dried blooms. Its white clay body is covered in a creamy glaze, hand-crafted by Gabrielsen.

Art Bar: Watercolor Kit, $30

All you need to create your own watercolor masterpiece. These in-house kits include VEME’s handmade watercolors and ceramic plate, three paintbrushes, a pencil and eraser, three pieces of paper and washi tape. Browse the studio’s art books for inspiration before settling in to create.

The eye-catching detail in this crochet bag makes a great gift. (Photo credit: David Benthal)

Crochet bag, $85

Crochet is making a comeback! These bags were made by a local artisan who also makes keychains and fun coasters sold in the shop. 

Velour bags by Julia King, $40 large/$20 small

Local musician Julia King created these killer velour bags with bright exteriors and contrasting interior patterns. The small is useful as a pouch in a larger bag, while the larger pouch is stylish enough to be a bag on its own.

Art Bar: Pottery, $50

Make your own mugs or small items of your choice. All clay and tools are provided and the staff finishes your piece by glazing and firing it. The product is ready for pickup or shipping in 4-6 weeks. 

Print by Verona Peñalba, $95

This Verona Peñalba print will brighten up any wall. (Photo credit: David Benthal)

Peñalba’s knack for using color to tell a story shines in her abstract portrait work. Consider an original work or one of these archival prints.

Silk Scarf, $50

Gabrielsen hand-dyed these silk scarves by creating natural dyes from flowers grown at Treiber Farms in Peconic. Each piece has a life of its own, with some similar to tie-dye while others feel like a work of abstract art.

Alcohol Inks Abstract Art Class, $65

Attend a scheduled class like the alcohol inks class run by Peñalba. The class is approximately one and a half hours and teaches you the method of working with alcohol ink.