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The 2020 Clovis Point Petit Verdot. (Photo credit: David Benthal)

Petit verdot is a full-bodied red grape variety that originated in the Bordeaux region in southwestern France. Due to its bold flavor profile, it’s often used in blending; however, a talented winemaker can take this grape with all of its tannin and color and make a standout single-varietal that will age nicely in your wine cellar. Such is the case for the 2020 Clovis Point Petit Verdot crafted by winemaker John Leo of Clovis Point Wines. Consider adding this bottle to your Thanksgiving table with roasted meats and rich, hearty sides.

THE WINERY Clovis Point

THE WINE 2020 Petit Verdot

THE PRICE $75 per bottle ($60 for wine club members) 

The style: This is a full-bodied dry red wine made from 100% petit verdot, a lesser-known grape for man wine drinkers.

Flavor profile: Intense is the best word to describe the high-tone aromas and flavors of blackberry, cranberry, rose petal and black pepper.

Pairs with: Full-flavored hard cheeses, roasted poultry, grilled meats and portobello mushrooms. The deeper the flavors, the better. 

Aging process: Aged for 16 months in 100% French oak barrels prior to bottling. 

Ideal serving temp: This petit verdot tastes best when served at cellar temperature — 55-65 degrees.

What you get on the nose: Ripe petit verdot is very aromatic, with concentrated blackberry, raspberry and cranberry notes mixing with spice and floral elements. 

To hold or not to hold: Like all the world’s great wines, the 2020 petit verdot will continuously evolve and develop nuances as it ages. The natural tannins and alcohol will protect the wines as they change for at least 10 years. Like other great wines, the 2020 Petit Verdot tastes great right now — young, bold and mouthfilling. The first sip is exhilarating, the second is an exploration of flavor and, by the end of the bottle, you may never go back to ordinary red wines. 

Best time to drink: At the dinner table with food, family and friends.