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Chinese food from Opties & Dinghies. (Brandon Andrews courtesy photo)

The quaint café in Orient, Opties and Dinghies, will permanently shut its doors on Tuesday, October 31, but there’s no need to worry — those delicious dumplings are not going anywhere. 

Frozen spring rolls, soup dumplings, scallion pancakes, and much more will be available for pick up or delivery throughout the fall and winter seasons, as owners Claudia Lin and Vincent Bertault search for a new North Fork location for their beloved eatery. 

“People are welcome to call or order online and coordinate a time for pick up or delivery,” said Lin. “If you’re not sure what is available you can always text too and we can figure something out.” 

The eclectic spot opened in 2019 bringing unique bites to Orient. The menu, which sees influence from Chinese and French cooking, is a combination of Lin and Bertault’s backgrounds. For the past five years, Opties and Dinghies has been a destination in Orient that provides freshly made crepes and Chinese cuisine into the evening, as well as gelato.

“I was never able to find good or even edible Chinese food out here, so I decided to make it for myself,” explained Lin. “It started with the kimchi salad as a special one week and the next week a customer asked what the special of the week was. It soon grew to dumplings and the menu kept adding on to itself.” 

A complete menu of Chinese delicacies will be available for pickup. Lin also notes that she is willing to travel as far as Jamesport to make deliveries throughout the week. Items will come frozen, with simple instructions on how to prepare and reheat. 

“If you can make spaghetti, you can make my noodles,” said Lin. “Our frozen items will stay good for at least six months in the freezer.” 

As Lin and Berault search for a new location, they are happy to continue to build relationships with their many customers, eager to cater to those who live full-time on the North Fork, especially as many businesses close during the winter months. 

“We don’t want to disappear,” said Lin. “We will face this winter together and we’ll find a better, nicer place to pop up again soon.” 

For now, find their complete menu to order on the Opties and Dinghies website or call or text Lin at 917-822-1230. Also, follow their social media for updates on their new location.