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Taste the North Fork without leaving your home with North Fork Gathered Delivery (Photo Credit: Rachael Haase)

North Fork Gathered Delivery, a new service by sisters Stephanie Zuhoski and Rachael Haase, offers a curated selection of goods from local farm stands, vineyards and restaurants and delivers them from Laurel to Orient.

Stephanie Zukoski and Rachael Haase were born and raised on the North Fork. (Credit: Rachael Haase)

The sisters, who are North Fork natives, launched the service to offer folks the opportunity to discover the area without feeling overwhelmed. They do the shopping and driving, delivering a curated menu of food and beverages in a mustard-colored, vinyl-insulated cooler bag. These packages are a way to sample the North Fork’s delicious wines, cheeses, vegetables, and meats from the comfort of your dining room table. 

“Our business model mirrors what we find most important in life,” said Zuhoski, “which is connecting with our friends and family and sharing laughs over good food and beverages.” 

North Fork Gathered Delivery offers a selection of food and drink from three menus that highlight a broad range of businesses in the area. The sources for each menu rotate weekly, featuring a selection from companies like Braun Seafood Co., Sang Lee Farms, North Fork Roasting Co., and others.

Package options include meats, cheese, seafood, and drinks from numerous North Fork businesses. (Credit: Rachael Haase)

“We put the whole North Fork into one package for everyone to taste,” said Haase. “We want to help people get a taste of new things that maybe they haven’t branched out to yet. We take the hard part out and hand-select weekly options and bring them directly to you.” 

The “Conversation Starter” option features cured meats, cheeses, and seafood appetizers, as well as some carbs and alcoholic beverages. “The Gossip Queen” option swaps the meat charcuterie board for a vegetable-based one and adds a chicken salad. North Fork Gathered Delivery also curates a brunch package, which includes freshly squeezed juices, coffee, a fruit charcuterie board, farm-fresh eggs, and bagels. 

An assortment of truffles from The Candyman and fresh-cut flowers are offered as “third wheels” in each package. Add-ons, like an additional box of wine, extra jams and butter, oysters by the half shell, and crab dib are available for an added cost on their “B-List” menu. 

“This has been the best experience for me honestly,” said Zuhoski. “I have never gone to so many farmstands and it’s been such a wonderful experience meeting everyone face-to-face. The local businesses have been so supportive and encouraging and it has helped us put a little more drive into this journey.” 

Party planning is now a breeze as North Fork Gathered Delivery conveniently curates the perfect spread of food, drinks, and sweets. (Credit: Rachael Haase)

Packages are $525 and include enough food and drink to comfortably serve four to six people. During the month of August, all alcoholic beverages will be served separately a la carte, which means $100 off your order. Clients can also save an additional $25 on their next orders when the cooler bag and ice packs are returned. 

Send a direct message to their Instagram or email [email protected] for a package. Orders must be placed by Tuesday at 5 p.m., with deliveries on Thursday and Friday by late afternoon or on Saturday mornings. They ask for patrons to plan accordingly for the deliveries as packages are perishable in the summer heat.