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Matchbook Distilling Co. has released its first ever hard cider (Photo Credit: David Benthal).

As the summer season unfolds, craft breweries and distilleries are teaming up with local farms to celebrate the flavors of the North Fork’s local harvests. 

Check out these farm-fresh infused libations:

From the Coast Cider | Matchbook Distilling Co., Greenport

Photo Credit: David Benthal

In June, Matchbook Distilling Co. unveiled its first ever vintage of cider, crafted from 100% Newtown Pippin Apples grown and pressed by the renowned Briermere Farms. Aptly named “From the Coast Cider,” the new release is a tribute to the North Fork, showcasing the high-quality, flavorful produce that comes from its fertile lands. 

“It was kind of just the right place at the right time,” said Scott D’Antonio, head of production at Matchbook Distilling Co. “Clark, the owner [of Briermere Farms] just happened to mention that he has some apples kind of kicking around and they turned out to be Newtown Pippin, which is a variety that we have been looking for.”

Thought to have been raised by early settlers as a seedling on Long Island, this bittersweet apple variety has been used for making cider in the US for hundreds of years.

“It kind of differs from the traditional apples that we eat in that it’s a little bit more tannic and it’s got a higher sugar concentration, which makes it ideal for a cider,” explained D’Antonio. After a fully-natural fermentation process, the cider is bottled with a touch of sugar, which adds a sparkling effervescence. The result is a light, crisp cider with a subtle lingering effect, reminiscent of a fine red wine. 

“From the Coast Cider” is part of Matchbook Distilling Co.’s limited collection and can be purchased online or at Matchbook Distilling Co.’s tasting room at 230 Corwin St in Greenport.

American Ale With Blueberries | North Fork Brewing Co., Riverhead

Courtesy of Lewin Farms

North Fork Brewing Co. is celebrating the flavors of the season with the release of their latest creation, an American ale infused with fresh blueberries from Lewin Farms. The new release is being offered as part of the brewery’s annual Lewin Farms series, started by owner and head brewer Peter Barraud. 

“Whenever we release a Lewin Farms series beer, people are always chomping at the bit to get to it,” explained Mariah Fannan, tasting room and sales manager at North Fork Brewing Co. in Riverhead. “We have a very strong, very loyal local community that always wants to be a part of that beer series.”

During the summer season, the brewery crafts a rotating list of fruity flavors that are sold one at a time until they are sold out. Earlier this summer, the brewery used fresh strawberries from the farm to create a Golden Strawberry Ale. 

“When we first started the strawberry one, we had cases upon cases upon cases of fresh strawberries,” said Fannan. “ It smelled amazing in the brewery for about five days straight.”

The brewery will be serving the light and crisp blueberry ale on draft at their tasting room until supplies last. For the canned version, visits will need to head to Lewin Farms (812 Sound Avenue Calverton). 

“We like to send people to the farm in hopes that it’s another way of giving back,” explained Fannan. “It’s a win-win for everybody.”

Once the blueberry ale runs dry, the brewery anticipates serving a peach ale, followed by a pumpkin ale in the fall. 

North Fork Brewing Co. is located at 24 E 2nd St in Riverhead.  

Courtesy of Montauk Brewing Co.

Jalapeño Watermelon Session Ale | Montauk Brewing Co., Montauk

Over at Montauk Brewing Co. in Montauk, the ever-popular Jalapeño Watermelon Session Ale has returned this summer, made with locally grown jalapeños from Amber Waves Farm in Amagansett, a non-profit farm, market and kitchen dedicated to agricultural education.

The farm’s jalapeños offer a subtle hint of heat to this zesty beer. Those interested can get their hands on cans of this refreshing creation at Montauk Brewing Co.’s flagship Brew Barn at 62 S Erie Ave in Montauk.