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Chenza’s Twisted Taco offers flavors from around the world. (Photos by Victoria Caruso)

There is a new taqueria in Mattituck. On Memorial Day weekend, Shirley Picon and Daniel Wajdik III officially opened Chenza’s Twisted Tacos off Main Rd. offering restaurant-goers a twist on a Mexican staple. 

The couple decided to sign the lease on the former Mattitaco location in April, within days of seeing the vacant restaurant. Over a few short weeks, the couple not only got married and went on their honeymoon but also completely redecorated and developed a full menu — many of which came from recipes burning a hole in Wajdik’s pocket since his last culinary endeavor in 2020. 

The menu features classic Mexican and Latin American fare, such as steak or chicken burritos and cheesy quesadillas. However, the “twist” is found on the taco menu, which features a variety of tacos inspired by cuisine from all over the world.

From Japan to Cuba and Greece, our team went on a worldwide culinary adventure without leaving the North Fork. 

Wondering what to order for yourself? Here’s what we tasted during our visit to Chenza’s Twisted Taco and some of our favorites. 

Let’s review: 


The birria tacos immediately stood out on the menu. The steak is roasted slow and low in a spiced broth, rendering the meat tender and juicy. The taco is filled with raw onion, cilantro, cojita cheese and a side of birria broth to dunk the taco in — adding an extra burst of juicy flavor with every bite.


A creative twist on a poke bowl, this taco includes hunks of fresh Ahi tuna, a crunchy seaweed salad that complements the creamy mashed avocado and is topped with a drizzle of spicy mayo. This is a nice compromise when you’re craving sushi but everyone else wants tacos. 

Thailand Bang Bang Shrimp

This is a monster of a taco — and we mean that as a compliment. The large shrimp is fried to crispy perfection and tossed in a secret Bang Bang chile sauce, which tastes similar to a creamy version of sriracha. The taco is piled high with scallions, guacamole, lettuce, jalapeño, lime juice and more Bang Bang sauce. 

Veggie Vegan Taco

This taco is an excellent alternative for those looking for a vegan or vegetarian-friendly option. Mushrooms are chopped and prepared to resemble ground beef and mixed with soy sauce and walnuts, giving it a pleasant umami flavor. Chenza’s vegan and vegetarian tacos are cooked in a separate fry pan, so don’t worry about cross-contamination. This taco is topped with pico de gallo, roasted corn, guacamole and lettuce. 


This taco version of the iconic Cuban sandwich has all the necessary elements. The pulled pork is juicy, flecked with chopped ham. Diced pickles add a layer of sourness, complemented by the nuttiness of the Swiss cheese and tied together with a special dijon sauce. 


Are you looking for all the best parts of a Greek salad in a taco? We’ve found it. This pulled chicken taco is topped with cubes of creamy feta, black olives, red onion, lettuce and tomato making for a refreshing Mediterranean flavor with every bite. 


Our team was surprised by this taco. Another pulled chicken taco, this Italian sandwich inspired-taco features melted mozzarella cheese, sweet roasted red peppers, acidic artichoke hearts, red onions and is drizzled with a balsamic glaze. 

Our top picks: 

Michelina De Fonte, Associate Content Director: Greek

If Greek salads are your go-to, you’ll want to indulge in this taco take on the dish. In a soft flour tortilla, you’ll nosh on perfectly seasoned pulled chicken, olives, tomatoes, lettuce, feta cheese and black olives. I appreciate how the flavors are well-balanced, as is the consistency with no ingredient overpowering the others.

Victoria Caruso, Lifestyle Reporter: Birria

While Chenza’s Twisted Tacos may be known for its experimental tacos, its classic tacos are worth a try. I’m a big fan of corn tortillas, so naturally, I was drawn to the Birria taco, made with a generous portion of gooey cheese and slow-cooked steak. Call me traditional, but this tender and juicy taco — served with a side of flavorful broth — can’t be beat.

Lilly Parnell, Lifestyle Reporter: Thailand Bang Bang Shrimp

I’m always a fan of seafood in tacos, so of course I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed their gigantic Bang Bang shrimp tacos. The Bang Bang sauce was the perfect level of spice and paired well with the crispy fried shrimp. The toppings added an element of freshness as well, which allowed for the taco to not feel too heavy or filling while eating.