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The menu board at Southold General. (Photo credit: Pat Dunford)

Located in the renovated Einstein Square, Southold General is the upmarket general store of our dreams. Led by acclaimed pastry chef François Payard, you may come in for a pantry staple like finishing salt or organic pasta, but you surely won’t leave without the ultimate croissant or a killer cappuccino. With a grab-and-go cooler stocking everything you need for the beach and a selection of ready-to-eat hot food, it’s a destination unto itself in the ever-evolving town of Southold. Get summer-ready with provisions and hostess gifts alike at Southold General.

1) Sparkling White Tea (750 mL) TÖST, $14

Sparkling White Tea (750 mL) TÖST (Photo credit: David Benthal)

All natural, low-sugar and alcohol-free. That’s a delicious trifecta! These sparkling white tea and ginger infusions add a celebratory element to any summer weekend on the North Fork, without the hangover.

2) Trumpet Pasta by Sfoglini, $8

Trumpet Pasta by Sfoglini (Photo credit: David Benthal)

Made in New York with organic durum semolina, this campanelle, or “little bell,” pasta will ruin all other pastas for you. This particular shape is best with thick, creamy sauces. 

3) Cabernet Salt by Lafayette Spices, $7

Cabernet Salt by Lafayette Spices (Photo credit: David Benthal)

This purple-hued stunner is French sea salt stained purple with cabernet. After drying, it’s bottled to use as a finishing salt on almost any dish.

4) Basil Shrub by Siren Shrub Co., $20

Basil Shrub by Siren Shrub Co. (Photo credit: David Benthal)

Whether mixed into a cocktail or used as a base for a spirits-free drink, shrubs add a layer of complexity that you didn’t know you were missing. This basil shrub from Siren Shrub Co. is made using ethically sourced ingredients from Wisconsin farmers.

5) Einstein Square T-shirt, $30

Einstein Square T-shirt (Photo credit: David Benthal)

Don some local swag honoring the eponymous physicist who enjoyed summering on Nassau Point and frequented this vibrant strip of Main Road. 

6) Canned Rosé by Suhru Wines, $9

Canned Rosé by Suhru Wines (Photo credit: David Benthal)

This Provençal-style rosé is in an easy-to-carry 375 mL can. It’s great for picnics or (responsible) afternoons on the boat.

7) Vintage Aperitif Glasses (set of five), $145

Vintage Aperitif Glasses (set of five) (Photo credit: David Benthal)

Southold General has a fun variety of vintage glassware on consignment from curator/dealer Anne Dittmeier. These five vintage aperitif glasses are a perfect gift to give to those hosting you for the weekend or to add character to your own bar cart.

8) “Payard Cookies” by François Payard, $30

“Payard Cookies” by François Payard (Photo credit: David Benthal)

If you want to try your hand at recreating the inimitable chef Payard’s world-famous pastry recipes, this is your best chance. If you’re not into baking, gift the book with one of the fresh desserts from the bakery counter in the shop. Bon appetit!