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Chris Kelly manages bee colonies across the North Fork (credit: Victoria Caruso).

On a spring day at Old Sound Vineyard, a private residence in Mattituck, master beekeeper Chris Kelly delivered two starter colonies to his client, Anthony Martignetti. With his trusty bee smoker in hand, he directed the billowy smoke towards the stacked-dresser-like structures that house the bees, calming them and allowing him to manage them with ease. 

With over 50 years of experience in the field and a degree in entomology from Cornell, Chris Kelly is a true expert in the art of beekeeping. He owns a sustainably managed honeybee farm, Promise Land Apiaries, and provides training to aspiring beekeepers. Every year, when the warmer months arrive, he visits properties across the North Fork to help customers set up and manage colonies on their properties. 

Spend a minute with Chris Kelly as he installs beehives at Old Sound Vineyard.