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The new crepe shop in Greenport offers a variety of savory and sweet crepes. (Credit: Victoria Caruso)

The new crêperie has a modern design. (Credit: Tara Smith)

There’s a new crêperie in downtown Greenport. On Valentine’s Day, Gustavo Acero and his wife, Yuri, opened the doors of Encanto Crêpes & Cafe for the first time.

The couple has spent months carefully curating a space that they hope will bring joy to customers when they walk in. From the adorable planters sitting on the cafe’s glossy white tables to the pink LED angel wings hanging from a giant floor-to-ceiling grass wall, the modern cafe offers a vibrant energy and sleek design.

Visitors of the cafe will find a menu full of sweet and savory classics as well a variety of uniquely flavored crêpes, many of which are a nod to the owners’ Colombian roots. Encanto is also equipped with a Simonelli espresso bar and a Kyoto-style slow-drip coffee maker for cold brews and iced lattes made with Colombian coffee. 

Wondering what to order at the new crêperie?

We tasted some of the items across the menu. Let’s review:

Sun Galette, $12

(Credit: Victoria Caruso)

Possibly the prettiest crêpe we’ve ever seen, this savory galette is made with a perfectly runny yolk and gouda cheese, which are complemented by acidic bites of red onion, cherry tomatoes and fresh cilantro. 

Chicken-Mushroom Crêpe, $12

(Credit: Victoria Caruso)

This is Yuri’s favorite savory crêpe and we can understand why. Juicy rotisserie chicken and savory mushrooms are paired with fresh greens, red onion and Swiss cheese. Finished with a drizzle of ranch, we were surprised by how well the tanginess of the ranch went with the savory mushroom flavors in this crêpe.

Sweet Colombian Crêpe, $12

(Credit: Victoria Caruso)

A nod to the owners’ heritage, this crêpe features dulce de leche and mozzarella cheese. The sweet and salty flavor combo is popular in Colombia — Acero explained that it’s also common to add chunks of cheese to hot chocolate. For those who can never decide between savory and sweet, this unique and delicious crêpe offers the best of both worlds.

S’mores Crêpe, $12

(Credit: Victoria Caruso)

This American campfire classic is prepared with a Colombian twist. A generous serving of marshmallow, graham cracker and chocolate chips are stuffed inside the sweet crêpe, topped with chocolate sauce and a square of Colombian Jet chocolate.

Encanto Crêpe, $13

(Credit: Victoria Caruso)

Nostalgia is clearly a big player in Encanto’s eponymous crêpe. Inside, you’ll bite into diced pieces of Chocoramo, a packaged Colombian snack cake that’s a childhood favorite of Encanto’s owners. The fluffy cake pieces are gently warmed and enveloped inside the crêpe, topped with vanilla ice cream to make a decadent treat.

Our Top Picks:

Tara Smith, Digital Content Director: Sweet Colombian crêpe

One thing to know about me: I have a sweet tooth. Usually, if it isn’t chocolate, I don’t want it. That’s why I was a bit surprised when the Sweet Colombian crêpe stood out as my fave. Perhaps it’s because when it comes to crêpes, I haven’t ventured outside of the tried-and-true, classic combinations, both sweet and savory. So part of the experience was getting to try some of Gus and Yuri’s creations that are also a nod to their homeland.  Sometimes, it’s hard to decide whether you’re in a sweet or savory mood, but this marries the best of both worlds: sweet, velvety dulce de leche fused with salty, melty mozzarella (a stand-in for the traditional Colombian costeño cheese) inside their signature, not-too-sweet crêpe. This one also checked a food nostalgia box for me, since it was slightly reminiscent of ensaymada, a pillowy Filipino sweet bread that’s fluffy and slightly sugary and topped with grated cheese.

Victoria Caruso, Lifestyle Reporter: Sun galette crêpe

While the sweet Colombian crêpe was a close second, an egg crêpe will always rank as top tier in my book. I love a good savory crêpe and could definitely see myself ordering this as a quick snack before the beach or as a casual brunch meal with friends. This was the first crêpe that we tried and its presentation left me feeling impressed. The tasty egg galette was carefully folded over into a square, revealing a runny egg at the center. It was also beautifully garnished with fresh parsley and ripe cherry tomatoes, which were bursting with flavor. The crêpe batter that’s used in this dish has a slight sweetness to it, which goes perfectly with the savory egg and melted gouda inside. My takeaway? Encanto does breakfast right, and I’ll be back to try the rest of the cafe’s egg crêpes.

Lilly Parnell, Lifestyle Reporter: Chicken-mushroom crêpe

My favorite crêpe at Encanto was the mushroom and rotisserie chicken crêpe. While chicken is never my first choice, I was pleasantly surprised by the smoky rotisserie flavor that managed to maintain the chicken’s moistness. Complimented by the umami of the mushrooms, wrapped almost like a crêpe burrito and topped with a tangy ranch, this crêpe was a flavorful experience that I will definitely be enjoying again.