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1760 Homestead Farm (Credit: Lee Meyer)

The North Fork is filled with local produce and fresh foods, but 1760 Homestead Farm has something unique to offer — farm-to-plate meals.

Farm owner Larry Kaiser and chef Aki Goldberg, who sells her soups and salads at the farm, have started a weekly farm-to-plate program on Sunday evenings, where guests can enjoy meals prepared by Kaiser and Goldberg using produce and items grown right on the farm.

Kaiser and Goldberg got the idea from talking to customers.

“We get a lot of people coming to the farm and asking how to cook with this and use that,” Kaiser said.

Goldberg, who was born in Antwerp, Belgium and is known for her Aki’s Kitchen brand of soups and salads, sells many of her products at 1760 Homestead Farm.

“They were very impressed that Aki was making her soups and salads with products we grow at the farm,” Kaiser said.

“We complement one another,” added Goldberg. “Larry [prepares] more of the protein. “We try to showcase a clean, simple product and want people to slow down a little bit and sit down, check out the farm.”

While it’s not a traditional restaurant — there’s a new menu every week, and guests can take the food home or sit at picnic tables on the farm — Kaiser and Goldberg have seen repeat customers.

“There’s one young family that’s here almost every week,” said Kaiser. “The kids get to play and walk through the fields. And usually walk away with a salad or soup to take home.” 

Kaiser and Goldberg built an outdoor demonstration kitchen, where the food is prepared, and many guests will interact with them and ask questions, which they both welcome.

“When people have questions about a product we’re working with, there’s that personal interaction,” Kaiser said. 

The weekly, seasonal menus have something for everyone.

“I eat everything, but not everybody eats everything,” said Goldberg. “You can be a meat lover, vegetarian, or vegan. It’s not a restaurant but we do offer something for everyone, including little kids.”

So far, the farm-to-plate program has been a great success for 1760 Homestead Farm.

“We all take pride in what we do here,” said Kaiser.

1760 Homestead Farm is located at 5412 Sound Avenue, Riverhead. Check out their Facebook page for information about the weekly menu.