04/10/19 6:02am

The colorful eggs at 1760 Homestead. (Credit: Larry Kaiser)

As many North Fork families are preparing to color Easter eggs, you may consider a no-dye option. The ones bought from the grocery store — traditionally white or brown in hue — are often hard boiled and dipped into water dyed with artificial food coloring. Pink, blue and green eggs are fun to make in the kitchen, but nature has its own way of coloring eggs — plus you can scramble them once they’re done doubling as festive holiday décor. (more…)

02/08/15 6:00am
Credit: Barbaraellen Koch

Eggs laid by hens at 1760 Homestead Farm in Northville on Sound Avenue. (Credit: Barbaraellen Koch photos)

“Our first Easter eggs today! From an Americauna and the little one is from a Lavender. The rest of the beautiful browns are from our Red Stars.”

So wrote Larry Kaiser on his Facebook page on Jan. 12. (more…)