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The Ice Cream Patch at Patty’s Berries & Bunches features rosemary, basil and lavender ice cream. (Photo Credit: David Benthal)

We love the North Fork’s iconic ice-cream parlors and are always wowed by their homemade flavors. But if you savor unusual scoops like Magic Fountain’s kulfi (an Indian Dessert made of pistachios, rose water and cardamom) or Snowflake’s Jezynowka (a Polish blackberry brandy), it’s time to expand your palate with the exotic glacés and cool confections you can only get at these farm stands, eateries and even a nursery, made from their own local ingredients. No summer on the North Fork would be complete without them. 

The homemade gelato at Hellenic Snack Bar & Restaurant

Most flock to this Greek eatery for their mouth-watering souvlaki, taramasalata, hummus and stuffed grape leaves, but they’d be remiss if they didn’t leave room for dessert. Their gelato is creamier than ice-cream and rich in flavor, from rotating ones like Amaretto and Amarena Cherry or staples like vanilla, which comes with a kick of bourbon. For a true taste of Greece, try Baklava, made from their own homemade honey-nut pastry, and Mocha Frappé, based on the frozen coffee drink that’s de rigueur on the Aegean coast. 5145 Main Rd, East Marion

The frozen custard at 8 Hands Farm

True frozen custard is a rare treat, said 8 Hands Farm co-owner Tom Geppel, who grew up near a custard stand in Northport. When it closed, he decided to recreate the creamy magic of his youth at his Cutchogue farm. What appealed to his wife and co-pilot Carol Festa were custard’s simple ingredients and its generous use of eggs. About 20 dozen of theirs go into a 5-gallon batch of their soft-serve vanilla and chocolate. But who’s counting cholesterol? The eggs give the custard its rich, velvety texture and pure indulgent je ne sais quoi, as do Ronnybrook cream and milk, organic sugar, sea salt, and either vanilla bean or Ghirardelli chocolate, depending on the flavor. You can also get a twist. “I consider it a cross between gelato and ice-cream,” said Festa. I consider it a taste of heaven. 4735 Cox Lane, Cutchogue

The vanilla frozen custard at 8 Hands Farm. (Photo Credit: Carol Festa)

The boozy sorbet at Bridge Lane Wine

This winery wins points for ingenuity, from being first on the North Fork to box and can their wine, to their latest creation, a strawberry white sangria sorbet that is a collaboration with Williamsburg’s Tipsy Scoop, known for liquor-infused ice cream served at their “barlours” and pop-ups. Made from Bridge Lane’s white merlot and fresh strawberries, this frozé-sherbet hybrid is happy hour in a frozen cup. 35 Cox Neck Road, Mattituck

The farmstand-fresh ice cream at Harbes Family Farm

Henri may have rained on their watermelon harvest festival this past weekend, but you can still savor the pink melon at their ice cream stand, which serves flavors you truly can’t get anywhere else. Their Super Sweet Creamy Corn is made from their own roasted cobs and has that sweet-salty Corn Flakes-milk flavor. Their Apple Cider Donut is as yummy as their homemade donuts and is one of their top sellers. Also try Peach, available late August only and made from their own sweet variety. 715 Sound Ave., Mattituck

The sweet corn ice cream at Harbes is made with the farm’s own ears. (Photo Credit: Courtesy Harbes Family Farm)

The local-honey ice cream at Shade Trees Nursery

Their North Breeze brand ice cream isn’t your garden-variety frozen dessert—though it’s sourced fresh from their garden. Their Bee Happy Honey Ice Cream is made from honey harvested from their own hives and vanilla bean, but more importantly it tastes as close to pure homemade goodness as it gets. The only thing better are their Bee Bites, which are bon-bon size bites covered in rich, dark chocolate and truly melt in the mouth. I dare you to eat just one. 875 Main Road, Jamesport

The herb-infused ice cream at Patty’s Berries & Bunches

Head to this farm-stand to pick berries, then cool off with one of the homemade, just picked flavors at its Ice Cream Patch creamery. Late summer fruit favorites include Peachy Patty, Blueberry, Blackberry Braze, but for a truly unusual refresher, try their Basil (with a hint of lemon), Lavender  (a perfect topper on pies), Rosemary (for the adventurous only) and Mint Chocolate Chip (made from their own mint). 410 Sound Ave., Mattituck

A selection of flavors from Patty’s Berries & Bunches Ice Cream Patch. (Photo Credit: David Benthal)

The key lime pie popsicles at Hallock’s Cider Mill

Just a whiff of their homemade banana and zucchini breads and fresh pies will send you. But the star of this show is their key lime pie, which comes in frozen popsicle form each summer. I’m generally not a fan of mixing chocolate with fruit, but I make an exception here. The Belgian chocolate coating offsets the tartness of the key-lime perfectly. Get ‘em before they sell out. 1960 Main Road, Laurel