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There’s plenty to eat and drink at First Fridays on Love Lane. (Credit: Elizabeth Wagner)

First Fridays on Love Lane is a locavore’s dream come true.

With more than 15 local vendors selling mostly food and beverages, it’s not difficult to spend the entire evening eating and drinking your way down the street.

While you can definitely make a night out of that, at this month’s First Friday I challenged myself to consume only a handful of items forcing me to be strategic in my choices.

Here are the five things I tried at June’s First Friday.

Shrimp cocktail from Braun Seafood

The shrimp cocktail is a must-try. (Credit: Elizabeth Wagner)

You know how sometimes you make a statement about something being the “best ever” but you don’t truly mean it, well, that is not the case here. When I tell you this was the best shrimp cocktail I’ve ever had, I mean every word. Incredibly fresh and subtly sweet, these giant shrimp cocktail were the perfect way to kick off my First Friday eating adventure.

Bucket Rides American Wild Ale from North Fork Brew Company

North Fork Brewing Co. serves up pints. (Credit: Elizabeth Wagner)

Although there were many great beverage options at this month’s First Friday, NoFo Brew Co.’s Bucket Rides was my beverage of choice.  This wild fermented wheat ale is made with locally cultured blackberry yeast.  It was light, fruity and absolutely delicious — the perfect beer to sip while strolling down Love Lane.

Fondue from The Village Cheese Shop

Cheesy goodness at Village Cheese Shop. (Credit: Elizabeth Wagner)

Nothing beats melted cheese, so a heaping serving of fondue over cubed bread was an obvious choice. June’s fondue offering was the Switzerland, which combines three Swiss mountain cheeses, white wine and touch of cherry brandy. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t scrape the bowl.

BLT  lobster taco from Mattitaco

Mattitaco serves up several varieties of tacos, but the BLT is the ultimate summer bite. (Credit: Elizabeth Wagner)

It’s unofficially summer on the North Fork, which means lobster salad in my book. And serving lobster salad with smoked applewood bacon in taco form seems to be a home run, but not just for me, as Mattitaco sold out of this item fast. Every bite screams summer.

Jelly doughnut from North Fork Doughnut Company

The colorful doughnuts are as pretty as they are tasty. (Credit: Elizabeth Wagner)

I don’t typically need a reason to eat a doughnut, especially from NoFoDoCo, however, this past First Friday happened to be National Doughnut Day, so obviously a doughnut was my dessert of choice. Even though there were so many creative options to choose from (hello, Captain Crunch) and old favorites (like the strawberry frosted pictured above) I opted for a traditional jelly doughnut that had just the right amount of filling.

Michelina Da Fonte is an associate content director for Times Review Media Group, involved in planning and producing lifestyle content for, northforker magazine and the northforker podcast. Send her your feedback and story ideas at [email protected]