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Catching the sunset at Town Beach in Southold is an end-of-summer must. (Photo credit: Michelina Da Fonte)

That headline is hard to read, we get it and feel it too! Although many of us at northforker believe we’ve fully savored the sunny season by swimming, boating, farm stand hopping, al fresco dining, vineyard going, live music listening, and more, it’s always hard to bid summer adieu. To combat summer’s end, we’ve brainstormed a list of things we must do before fall rolls in.

As a part of their rebrand, East End Food (formally the East End Food Institute) has been hosting a plethora of different food, art, and farming-related workshops and I have yet to sit in on one. Gather under the big white tent in Riverhead to discuss the history of tomatoes, create DIY wish boxes out of seashells, or learn the ins and outs of organic farming at home. There is a class for everyone to discover something new this summer. Head to their website to check out a full schedule of upcoming courses.

Lilly Parnell, lifestyle reporter

I’ve yet to catch a sunset this summer at Southold Town Beach. While I suppose I could sneak this in after Labor Day it just does not seem right. Ideally, I’ll meet a few friends, and we will all bring some snacks to share – nothing better! 

Cerria Orientale Torres, director of operations

No one can accuse me of not enjoying summer on the North Fork to the fullest because both of my remaining summer bucket list items involve taking a ferry off the fork! When The Pridwin announced that they were bringing back their Wednesday night barbecues I shared the news with everyone I could think of so we could get a Wednesday night at The Pridwin on the books. Well, it’s nearing the end of summer and I’ve yet to make it so safe to say this is pretty high on my list of priorities for next Wednesday.  

Kaitlyn Burke, advertising account executive

Since it reopened after thoughtful renovations I’ve been looking forward to visiting Silver Sands Motel and Beach Bungalows, specifically to hang out and dine at Eddie’s. Perched on the beaches of Pipe’s Cove, the casual eats spot serves wood-fired pizzas, local produce, oysters, and more. The restaurant is open Wednesday through Sunday from noon until 7 p.m. Reservations can be made through the motel’s website.

Michelina Da Fonte, content director

I’m determined to get to the Sunshine Shack at Orient State Park before the end of the summer! Tuesdays in August, The Sunshine Shack (Little Creek Oysters) is having a music series at Orient State Park Beach. Relaxing music, some succulent oysters with a lobster roll and a Greenport Harbor Summer Ale, I can’t think of a better way to end the day!

Tina Contento, senior advertising account executive

Before the summer’s out I’d like to pop into Jamesport Farm Brewery for a pint of Moon Child, their blood orange witbier, before heading to Iron Pier Beach to catch the sunset. Since it’s later in the season, an earlier sunset leaves time to grab vegan coffee almond fudge in a waffle cone at Magic Fountain afterward.

Angela Colangelo, associate editor