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Tucked away under the streets of downtown Greenport sits cocktail lounge Brix & Rye. On chilly Thursday nights, sounds of live music welcome guests into the cozy bar for classic Manhattans or to just listen to live music.

“We get a great turnout for the live music,” said co-owner and mixologist Evan Bucholz, who greets his customers warmly as they descend the staircase into the bar. “The space lends itself to that. It is small and intimate, and it gives something for people to do [in winter].”

The warm glow of the dimly lit lounge sets the stage for performers each Thursday evening. In the summer, Brix & Rye also hosts live music nights on Mondays. The acoustics are soothing as they amplify off the exposed brick walls; the volume is enough to hear the notes and lyrics clearly without over powering conversation.

The music, played by a rotating lineup of East End solo artists or bands, typically starts around 8 p.m. and lasts until 11 p.m. Local blues guitarist Rob Europe and folk duo the Second Hands are among the regulars. Singer/songwriter Jon DiVello is set to play (tomorrow) Thursday, March 7.

“It is a real show,” Bucholz said. “People can just linger, hang out and make a night of it.”

Bucholz is known for crafting drinks originating from different regions and eras. His Irish coffee is made in the style of The Buena Vista in San Francisco, where the cocktail was made famous.

“We set ourselves up for making hot drinks,” he said. “We have a top-of the-line coffee maker, the proper glassware… We take pride in in the Irish coffee. Hot toddies are popular, too. Hot offerings just seem to go over very well on cold cloudy days.”

Brix & Rye is located at 308 Main Street in Greenport.