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Jack’s Shack at Sound View opened on Friday, June 29. (Courtesy photo)

Jack’s Shack at Sound View opens on Friday, June 29. (Courtesy photo)

Long before the North Fork became a hub of culinary culture there was a tiny beachside concession stand that attracted hungry patrons.

Jack’s Shack was founded in 1935 at Southold Town Beach. Owner Jack Levin served up good food in a causal setting with one of the best views around. Many stories are still told about its allure.

Levin would go on to open Sound View Inn and Restaurant. The iconic Greenport venue sold to Eagle Point Hotel Partners in 2016 with a promise from new owner Erik Warner that the legacy of the building would be upheld.

“There is such a history surrounding Jack for all he did for the community,” Warner said. “We want Sound View to continue to be a community hub and a place for people to gather.”

It’s in that spirit that Sound View is opening a modern version of Jack’s Shack this Friday as a nod to Levin. The seasonal poolside restaurant and bar pays homage to the original with old-time favorites like lobster rolls, turkey clubs and ice cream.

“It is a similar concept because there is nothing better than to have a drink and a lobster roll by the beach,” Warner said. “I am doing what Jack did, but in an updated manner.”

Jack’s Lobster Roll is made with make with Maine lobster salad on toasted brioche bun. (Courtesy photo)

The new Jack’s Shack also offers trendier fare such as the seared tuna and curried chicken dishes as well as a wide range of cocktails, local wines and regional beers.

There are even boozy popsicles on the menu.

Warner said the addition is the next step toward making Sound View a hub of culture and gathering on the North Fork. Jack’s Shack will be open to the public from 7 to 9 p.m. starting Friday. The pool area is reserved for hotel guests during the daytime hours, however non-guests may pay a $25 fee to get in between 11 a.m. and 7 p.m. The price includes a free drink.

“We want people to come and hang around the pool and listen to music,” he said. “That’s why we will open it to everyone so people can meet. Locals meeting locals, locals meeting visitors, visitors meeting visitors — it is for everybody.”