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Chef Stephan Bogardus in the kitchen at North Fork Table & Inn.(Credit: David Benthal)

Guests of the North Fork Table & Inn in Southold allowed their taste buds to travel the world Sunday evening as Chef Stephan Bogardus prepared a special meal inspired by his recent trip to India. 

True to the acclaimed restaurant’s mission, local ingredients were used in preparing the menu, but the chef added the subtle flavors of the spices that fueled his travels.

Forty guests attended the sold out event, where they sat at communal tables and were served four courses that included unique pairings from co-owner Mike Mraz, the restaurant’s wine and beverage director.

Bogardus tells Sunday’s guests about his travels. (Credit: David Benthal)

Bogardus also shared stories of his January trip, which included time spent in Bhubaneshwar, in the state of Odesia.

Traveling with girlfriend Allegra Borghese, as she explored the possibility of doing her dissertation abroad while completing her Ph.D, the couple visited a small orphanage run by a woman named Ama Ghara, who cares for 18 children. Proceeds from the dinner are being donated to the orphanage.

Servers make their way into the dining room with one of four courses served Sunday. (Credit: David Benthal)

During the trip, Bogardus interviewed vendors and bartered in a quest to find just the right spices to bring home from the country. He ultimately found a spice farm about four hours from where they were staying, scoring cinnamon, mustard seed, black cumin, and green and black cardamom.

The spices were infused into Sunday’s menu, which featured the following courses:

First course: Cardamom-lime cured fluke with radish, cucumber and raita, paired with Vodka Shikanjvi

(Credit: David Benthal)

Second course: Fresh pea masala, with tamarind chutney and saffron rice, paired with a Mouverdre Lothian 2017 (South Africa).

(Credit: David Benthal)

Third course: Lamb Vindaloo, with smoked eggplant and coriander chutney, served with a Tiger Lager (Singapore).

(Credit: David Benthal)

Dessert: Co-owner and pastry chef Claudia Fleming prepared a Green Cardamom – Cinammon Panna Cotta with Strawberry-rhubarg rose Gelee, litchi sorbet roasted pistachios, paired with a 2015 Sparkling Pointe “Imperial Topaz.”

The intimate dinner is part of a series to be held at the restaurant this season with a variety of themes and guest chef collaborations. For more information, visit or call (631) 765-0177.

Pastry chef and co-owner Claudia Fleming speaks during the dinner. (Credit: David Benthal)
Guests enjoy the second course. (Credit: David Benthal)
Fleming and Bogardus working together in the kitchen. (Credit: David Benthal)
Fleming and Bogardus working together in the kitchen. (Credit: David Benthal)