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John Fraser at North Fork Table & Inn. (Photo credit: David Benthal)

I love a good heartwarming story. Still hot off the heels of the pandemic and lockdown, no one has been quite as hard as those in the restaurant industry. When I read this piece about chef John Fraser’s effort to provide his peers with the luxury he dishes out daily, I felt a bit more hopeful about the state of our world.

The North Fork Table & Inn chef offers a discount program to restaurant workers, offering a nearly 70 percent discount to those who visit one of his multiple restaurants across New York State. The program serves as a thank you to the restaurant workers who’ve persevered through the last three years.

How it works:

Twice a year, restaurant workers can reserve a dinner for two at one of the following restaurants: IRIS, La MarchandeThe Terrace and Outdoor Gardens and North Fork Table & Inn. Reservations are available six weeks out and at least one guest must be currently employed in the restaurant industry. 

All menu items will be charged at cost, excluding alcohol. 

To make a booking or learn more, go to

(Photo credit: Northforker archives)

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