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It doesn’t matter what that pesky groundhog saw or didn’t see. Spring is coming — and so is this week’s Wine of the Week.

Wölffer Estate 2017 Summer in a Bottle Rosé ($25) is the upcoming release of a wine the Sagaponack winery introduced in 2013 as homage to summer in the Hamptons.

Winemaker Roman Roth put dry Long Island rosé on the map years ago with the Estate (also known as the Gold Label) bottling. For years, that wine has been the unofficial wine of the summer in the Hamptons with wide distribution and availability. I’ve even seen it on wine lists in Burlington, Vermont.

Summer in a Bottle is a bit of a phenomenon. With its beautiful packaging and slightly rounder, fruitier profile — with just the most delicate bit of sweetness — it flies off the shelves just as quickly. Maybe even more quickly.

The blend changes from year to year. This edition being 51 percent Merlot, 23 percent Chardonnay, 9 percent Gewürztraminer, 8 percent Cabernet Franc, 5 percent Cabernet Sauvignon and 4 percent Riesling.

The combination delivers a wine that starts with beautiful fruit qualities — mostly apple and pear but with just a little passion fruit and wild berry in the mix — with a rounder mouthfeel and delicious, citrusy-saline acidity.

Closed under screw cap, it’s a great option for all the places you go where you just don’t want to bring a bottle opener.